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It’s hard to imagine, but Microsoft’s Surface line was just introduced a little more than ten years ago. The first Surface failed to persuade users to give up their regular laptop in favour of a tablet with a detachable keyboard during its lacklustre 2012 debut.

Yet since then, the range has advanced significantly. The original Surface evolved into the Surface Pro, and the Surface Go followed as a more cheap option. Both of these devices may be used with a keyboard cover.

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Microsoft also manufactures conventional laptops, like the inexpensive Surface Laptop Go and the thin and light Surface Laptop. The Surface Laptop Studio, a real 3-in-1 device, has taken the position of the detachable Surface Book, which has now been decommissioned.

But let’s not overlook the fact that Microsoft has, sort of, resumed producing phones. The Surface Duo can serve as a replacement for your phone and is more of a mobile productivity tool.

The other items on this list all use Windows 11, however our list of the best laptops offers a wide range of choices. Also, we offer separate guides for 2-in-1s, cheap laptops, business laptops, and laptops for students.

Yet, you’ve come to the correct spot if you’re bent on using Microsoft gear. This guide lists the best Surface device for various use situations and provides links to our in-depth evaluations. Although they might be pricey, Microsoft and other merchants regularly offer fantastic discounts on Surface products.

2023’s ideal Microsoft Surface

The best laptop for power users is the Surface Studio


Microsoft took a chance when it abandoned the much-liked Surface Book design in favour of a totally different form factor, but the Surface Laptop Studio does a lot of things well.

The tiny bezels surrounding the stunning 120Hz display still leave room for a great camera and an Infrared sensor for Windows Hello face unlock. The outstanding battery life may be extended thanks to the adjustable refresh rate of the screen, which can change on the go. On more costly versions, you also get good performance with 11th-gen Intel processors and an RTX 3050 Ti GPU.

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But, whether you choose to purchase this laptop will depend on its 3-in-1 versatility. Although those are your sole options in this case, the gadget functions well as a conventional laptop and with the display dragged forward or laid flat.

A detachable keyboard on a convertible laptop or tablet may be preferred by many users, especially in light of the Laptop Studio’s expensive pricing and few port options. Yet this design truly is unbeatable in some creative sectors or workplace settings.

Best laptop: Surface Laptop 5

Surface Studio

Although the Surface Laptop is no longer a ground-breaking notebook, it is still a fantastic option if you’re content with Intel CPUs.

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For both the 13.5in and 15in devices, Microsoft has removed the AMD option since it becomes pricey once you get past the entry-level configurations.

Nonetheless, if you have more than $1,000/¬£1,000 to spend, this is a good choice. The device features one of the greatest keyboards in the industry, Windows 11 software that is now incredibly user-friendly, and Microsoft’s signature thin-and-light design.

But you’ll have to put up with that outdated appearance, which hasn’t been changed since the Surface Laptop first appeared. While other firms offer more in the Windows market, it is still the finest Microsoft laptop for the majority of users.


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Most affordable laptop: Microsoft Surface Laptop Go 2

Microsoft Surface Laptop Go 2

Although the Surface Laptop Go 2 is only a slight improvement over the first model, this has a significant impact on the whole experience.

The 11th generation Intel Processors greatly enhance performance while simultaneously enhancing battery life. Most people may find a 12.4-inch screen to be too tiny, but it makes the Laptop Go 2 an appealing, portable notebook that weighs just 1.16kg. With the exception of the lack of illumination, the keyboard is excellent, especially when used with the trustworthy fingerprint sensor integrated into the power button.

The Laptop Go 2’s charging time is longer than many competitors, and it can overheat easily. It’s definitely something to think about if you can see past these problems.

The best cheap 2-in-1 is the Surface Go 3.

Surface Go 3

One of Microsoft’s more circumspect 2021 upgrades was the Surface Go 3, although it did receive a helpful performance increase. The new Intel Core i3 CPU greatly improves everyday use while still being a 10th generation chip.

This is essentially the Go 2 from 2020 other from that. While remaining at a 60Hz refresh rate, the 10.5in LCD display is definitely a showpiece. It’s beginning to appear antiquated due to the very large bezels, and the battery life is disappointing.

It still has a high-quality constructed with a nice built-in kickstand, though. Dual microphones and a 1080p webcam combine to create an excellent video calling experience.

The complete Go 3 experience is rather pricey when the i3 model is used in conjunction with a Type Cover and mouse. Although Pentium Gold performance is still undetermined, you’ll get more bang for your buck there.

In either case, it’s still a competent yet incredibly portable Windows tablet that comes pre-installed with the full version of Windows 11.

The best 2-in-1 is Surface Pro 9.

The best 2-in-1 is Surface Pro 9

Depending on the model you select, your experience with the Surface Pro 9 will be very different.

The Intel edition of the Surface Pro 8 is the greatest Surface device you can buy since it combines 12th-gen Intel Processors with all of the Pro 8’s top features. This features a top-notch 120Hz display, a luxurious appearance, reliable performance, and a long battery life.

In ARM variants, switching from Intel to the SQ3 processor improves battery life and adds 5G for the first time to the Surface Pro. Also, the already fantastic camera gets some intriguing new functions, but for the majority of users, the trade-offs aren’t worth it.

Performance suffers significantly, to the point that simple routine tasks result in stutters and hesitations. Another problem is programme compatibility, since many apps still run through emulators rather than directly. Everything thus appears somewhat less sleek and seamless.

You want a reliable device when you’re spending so much money on just the tablet (the keyboard cover and other accessories are offered separately). It is only true for Intel variants of the Surface Pro 9 in this case.

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