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Mac Book Air One of the first products to use Apple’s own laptop CPUs was the MacBook Air, which was unveiled in 2020 along with the 13-inch MacBook Pro and Mac Mini.

It makes use of the first M1 processor, the first product in Apple’s own silicon line as the corporation started moving away from Intel. The M1 and MacBook Air have subsequently received upgrades, but this earlier model is still viable because nearly all of the things we noted in our 9/10 evaluation of the product still hold true.

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If it’s still in stock, here is also the spot to locate helpful discounts. Here is all the information you want for obtaining a fantastic bargain in the US and the UK.

Lowest prices on MacBook Air M1 in the US

Mac Book Air M1

The M1 MacBook Air is still available at several US shops.

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The best MacBook Air M1 discounts in the UK are from B&H Photo Video Walmart.

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You have even more choices if you live in the UK:

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Currently, Apple Amazon Very Box Scan KRCS AO Argos Currys John Lewis has the best pricing on the 13-inch M1 MacBook Air.

Although prices frequently change, the comparison widget below offers the most recent data. Please keep in mind that the entry-level model is often what you see below:

What was the initial price of the 13-inch M1 MacBook Air?

Despite switching to the M1 processor, the new MacBook Air’s price is still comparable to the previous Intel model. The following RRPs are available for the two base configurations at launch:

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  • 8-core CPU, 8-core GPU, 256GB SSD; MacBook Pro M1; £999/$999/AUD $1,499.
  • £1,249/$1,249/AUD$1,849 for the Macook Pro M1 (8-core CPU, 8-core GPU, 512GB SSD).

Should I purchase used?

Refurbished versions are one location where you may frequently get higher savings on the M1 MacBook Air. Although some people might mistake this for another word for “used,” many of these gadgets have really never been used at all.

Mac Book Air

Keep in mind that even if a product looks and functions exactly like new, shops must identify it as “refurbished” if it has been used for demonstration reasons or returned as an unwelcome gift. It’s true that occasionally a flaw has been corrected, therefore it’s important to read the description of any product you’re thinking about purchasing.

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If you’re trying to purchase a refurbished MacBook Air, there are two important locations to explore. The first is the Apple Refurbished Shop, which offers products that have been expertly restored. Hoxton Macs and MusicMagpie, though, are also excellent options and frequently provide a wider selection. Everything listed on Amazon as “Renewed” has likewise been refurbished.

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