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Samsung Galaxy Book 3 Pro: The revised Galaxy S23 model and a brand-new Galaxy Book Ultra were both featured during Samsung’s February 2023 Galaxy Unpacked event, which was all about the Ultras.

But, Samsung only unveiled four new laptops, and the other three, which cost less, are probably more well-liked. One of them is the Galaxy Book 3 Pro, a typical clamshell laptop with a 14- or 16-inch screen.

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None of these are touchscreen computers, nor do they support the S Pen, which has been a hallmark of the Galaxy Book line. While I just mentioned it was “cheaper,” the Book 3 Pro isn’t exactly inexpensive. Is there sufficient value to support the high price? The simple answer is no, but don’t stop reading just yet—still it’s a great laptop for regular use.

conceive, create, and convey

slick, high-end design
Amazingly slim and light
good port choice
Since relaunching their laptops in 2020, Samsung has maintained the same fundamental design, and there are no signs it will change any time soon.

Samsung Galaxy Book 3 Pro price

It implies that the Galaxy Book 3 Pro has a body made of aluminium that is almost identical to that of its predecessor’s, and it has a simple design with a silver logo to break up the monotony.

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Although some people might find it dull, I really like Samsung’s basic approach. It comes in two colours, graphite and beige, and the one in beige that I tried looks really professional.

The Book 3 Pro’s choice of materials also contributes to its exceptionally low weight compared to its size. The 16in model is just little heavier at 1.56kg compared to the 14in model’s 1.17kg. That indicates that both are quite portable, especially considering that the chassis is only 12.5 mm thick.

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Although some people might find the simple design dull, I really like it.
Durability is sometimes a concern with a light and thin laptop, but it doesn’t appear to be one in this case. The Book 3 Pro feels remarkably sturdy thanks to the use of high-quality materials and a sturdy hinge mechanism. Although you will occasionally notice the shaky display, especially when typing, there is no evidence that it can harm your device permanently.

I’m also delighted to find a wide variety of ports, which is present in both sizes. Thunderbolt 4 is supported by both USB-C ports, enabling quick data transmission and simple connectivity with a variety of various devices and peripherals. One USB-A port, one full-size HDMI port, a microSD card slot, and a 3.5mm audio jack connect them.

Even though you might still require an adaptor or hub, it would have been wonderful to have an additional USB-A port, but I can’t really find anything wrong with it. Several compact and light laptops don’t even have a port.

trackpad, keyboard, and webcam

Although having limited key travel, the full-size keyboard is sturdy.
large trackpad, however it isn’t very precise
Webcam and fingerprint sensor are excellent, but face unlock is absent.
Full-size keyboards fit snugly in both of the Galaxy Book 3 Pro’s sizes, however only the 16-inch variant has a separate number pad to the right. This kind of function is in the “good to have” category, but even without it, I wouldn’t have noticed anything different.

The keys themselves use a “chiclet” design, which refers to their separated, flatter shape and drastically less travel compared to certain other laptops’ keys. Even though it might seem unpleasant, typing on the Book 3 Pro is a pleasure. The clicky and responsiveness of each key helped me type more quickly and accurately.

There is plenty of internal storage regardless of the model, unlike some laptops. Although the Book 3 Pro comes standard with a 512GB SSD, you may upgrade to a 1TB model if you’d like. If that’s not enough, it allows for 2TB of microSD card expansion.

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The gadget includes Wi-Fi 6E and Bluetooth 5.1 for communication. Just the first is the most recent standard, but you probably won’t miss not having Bluetooth 5.3. Yet, a lack of 4G or 5G can be more irritating.

Samsung Galaxy Book 3 Pro

Charger & Battery

Battery size: 63Wh on 14″ and 76Wh on 16″
excellent battery life
65W charging is a little disappointing.
The Galaxy Book 3 Pro’s battery capacity varies greatly depending on the size. The 16in model’s cell capacity is increased to 76Wh from the 14in model’s respectable 63Wh.

The bigger display is to blame for that, but I can’t speak to how it will impact the 14-inch Book 3 Pro. What I can say is that the 16-inch model’s battery life is really great.

Cost and availability

Even while the Galaxy Book 3 Pro isn’t Samsung’s most expensive laptop for 2023, it’s still not cheap.

At least $1,449 will be required.

The 14in model costs $99/£1,349, while the 16in model starts at $1,549.

If you don’t have a gadget to trade in, the price is 99/£1,449.

Nevertheless, as Core i5 machines aren’t offered in the US, the UK’s comparable pricing are far higher.

For a consumer laptop, they are expensive costs. Although several of the options in our comparison of the best laptops are more cost-effective or have more features, you shouldn’t completely discount the Book 3 Pro.

Although being little costly, it’s an excellent laptop, so keep a watch out for offers and discounts.

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