Great News if you Looking For a Fastest Battery Charge Phone, Here it is Xiaomi 300W.


With a 300W charging demo that shows a phone reaching 100% in less than five minutes, Xiaomi has recently claimed the lead in the battle for ultra-fast charging.

Earlier attempts to charge your phone more quickly than ever before included the 210W Xiaomi Redmi Note 12 Discovery Edition and the 150W OnePlus 10T. Recently, Realme announced that the GT Neo 5 was the first commercially available phone in the world to support 240W charging, and now the GT 3.

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Although it is now only available in demo form, Xiaomi has won the competition for the top spot.

It makes a lot of sense because this is a comparable gadget, albeit tweaked, to the Note 12 Discovery Edition, which was the first to surpass the 200W threshold. The Note 12 Pro+ in Redmi’s video features a 4100mAh battery rather than a 4300mAh battery.

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Xiaomi 300W

Obviously, the size of the battery has a significant influence on charging speed, but even so, the phone charges incredibly quickly, reaching 20% in less than a minute and 50% in less than two minutes.

The Redmi phone then reaches 100% in 4 min 54 sec. The Realme GT Neo 5 requires around twice as much power (240W), however this is because it has a bigger 4600mAh battery.

Although the demonstration occurs in a controlled setting, it’s important to note that the charger never truly reaches the 300W theoretical maximum. It is amazing that it can hold 285W for a few minutes while briefly reaching 290W.


The major purpose of that will be to prevent overheating, and according to Xiaomi, the system has over 50 functions built in to monitor the current, voltage, and temperature.

When this will be included into phones and how it could affect things like the charging cycles of the device are also unknown. Don’t get your expectations up for 300W this year because it took Realme a year to deliver 240W charging.

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