Review of Hair Straightener by Nicky Clarke Infrared Pro.


When reviewed, the price was unavailable in India.

A group of hair styling equipment from Nicky Clarke’s Infrared Pro brand are intended to harm your hair less than conventional heated products.

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The infrared plates used in the line of hair straighteners heat the hair from the inside out. According to Nicky Clarke, these plates trap moisture, giving your hair a glossy look.

Do these infrared straighteners really work as well as they claim to? Using these tools, I’ve spent some time straightening and curling my hair. Here is what I have learned.

Design and presentation

  • matte-black colour.
  • Titanium infrared panels with 10 temperature adjustments.

The outside styling of the Infrared Pro Straighteners is traditional. They only come in one colour, black, with a glossy finish on the handle and a matte silicone surface on the plates.

10 minutes and 6 seconds 0.

  • 0% volume

These are slightly wider than a standard straightener at 30 cm length by 5 cm wide, with plates that are around 1.5 in. They have a 2.5 m chord that has a swivel mechanism for simple movement.


Infrared Pro hair straightener price

They are easy to use because they weigh only 274g when the cord and plug are not included. Although they can fit within a big overnight bag, they don’t save as much room as specific travel straighteners. Moreover, there is no cordless option offered.

The plates have microsensors that uniformly disperse the heat throughout them and are constructed of titanium rather than ceramic. When the plates are turned on, the red lines on the plates flash red as a sign of the technology utilised.

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The plates, according to Nicky Clarke, “eliminate odour and hazardous substances” through the use of nanotechnology. This probably suggests that it aids in cleaning contaminants out of your hair, but even after utilising them, we still don’t know for sure.

It might be challenging to reach the buttons on the straightener because they are in the centre. They have a power button and a temperature button with 10 settings that range from 120 to 230 °C. The blue LED panel shows the temperature, which climbs steadily until it reaches the setting you’ve chosen.

After going out and about (particularly in the wind), my hair produced a few kinks and knots, but frequently only the most spectacular equipment can maintain my hair poker straight. To obtain this effect, I had to utilise the highest heat setting; other products from companies like GHD have produced better results at lower temperatures.


But, if you have finer, thinner, or shorter hair than I do, you could get better results over time with a lower heat setting since it will be healthier for the health of your hair in the long run.

Even when used on a lower heat setting, I discovered that curls and waves lasted longer than when I straightened it, despite the fact that they aren’t especially made for curling. The curled ends also make curling rather simple.

I mostly believed Nicky Clarke’s assertion that the product leaves the hair with a lustrous finish. The hair looked beautiful and shiny with just one pass of the plates—it wasn’t at all dry like with some other less expensive straighteners. I had no problems with it catching or snagging on my hair because of how smoothly it glides.

While the odour-erasing promise seems to be a little marketing b.s., I can overlook that given the overall strong performance.

Cost and availability

Priced at £129.99, the Nicky Clarke Infrared Pro straighteners can be purchased from Nicky Clarke directly, as well as via Amazon and Boots. Usually, the brand doesn’t sell in the US.

Infrared Pro hair straightener

This product’s pricing is more than similarly heated ones, such the BaByliss Elegance 235, most likely as a result of the incorporation of infrared technology. However as of this writing, there is a sizable £30 reduction, making them more than worth the cost.

You may also want to take into account the Revamp Progloss Steamcare, which uses ionic technology and steam plates, if causing the least amount of harm to your hair is a goal. The amazing (and cordless) Dyson Corrale is another option, although it is a luxury item that costs over £400.

See our list of the finest straighteners for additional choices. For the top hair dryers, we also have a chart similar to this one.


Your locks may quickly become smooth and shining with the Nicky Clarke Infrared Pro straighteners. Even though they are more expensive than some of their competitors, the infrared technology should prevent long-term harm to your locks.

Only the highest temps will produce the greatest results if you have thicker and more unmanageable hair, and the performance isn’t quite as long-lasting as what I’ve observed from other premium brands. Yet even so, this is a good set of straighteners to take into account.


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