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Affordable Mobiles UK: The most popular device that people carry about is a mobile phone. Where can I purchase the most latest Samsung Galaxy or Apple iPhone? Mobile phones are provided by companies like Cheap Mobile Phones. What kind of high-quality phones does this company offer, though? Will the newest mobile technologies be accessible? Will their mobile devices have reliable coverage wherever they go?

A mobile phone retailer is Cheap Mobiles. The business was started in 2007. They work together with a lot of important networks and suppliers. You may receive offers from EE, Three, or Vodafone from them. They are experts in contract mobile phones. Several of these phones come with a free bonus.

They might offer you a SIM Only package if you are content with your current phone. So what devices are offered by Cheap Mobile Phones? The newest smartphones, like the Apple iPhone 14 and the Samsung Galaxy S23, are of course available at Cheap Mobiles. They also provide smartphones made by LG, Nokia, Sony, Alcatel, BlackBerry, Moto, CAT, Honor, Huawei, Moto, Nokia, Doro, and Sony. They offer 5G internet access on a few of their smartphones.

Budget-friendly Mobiles Overview

Affordable Mobiles is owned by Shebang Technologies Group Ltd, one of the largest independent mobile phone providers in the UK. At their corporate office and in their more than 50 retail outlets, they have over 400 employees. They have more than 18 years of experience in the telecommunications sector and provide a wide range of affordable mobile phone solutions, including contract, prepaid, and sim-free mobile phones, mobile phone accessories, mobile internet, and fixed-line telecoms, including home broadband. They are the top independent Orange reseller in the UK.

Since its founding in 2007, Cheap Mobiles UK has focused on providing contract mobile phones at competitive prices. It accomplishes this by working with important networks, choosing more expensive cell phones, and staying online. Despite the availability of new phones, you may also purchase a used or refurbished phone on a contract to spread the cost. In order to achieve this, Cheap Mobiles makes every effort to offer the best customer service experience. It emphasises mobile devices, add-ons, SIM cards, and updates. One of Cheap Mobiles’ key selling points is its unbeatably low price. It is able to keep prices down by working with major networks like Vodafone, Three, and O2 and only selling online.

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The bulk of its products are brand-new, however buying a refurbished phone saves you money and is better for the environment. You will profit from Cheap Mobiles’ superior customer service and follow-up help whether you buy brand-new or pre-owned items.

Affordable Mobiles UK 2023

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What offers do Affordable Mobiles have?

The latest iPhone 14 deals are available on Cheap Mobiles, along with high-end Android devices from Samsung, Huawei, Google, and other manufacturers. In some cases, you can buy them fresh or refurbished.

A refurbished phone is frequently one that was recycled after use or returned within 14 days of purchase. There is no need to be afraid about choosing this less expensive option because they have been tested to such a high standard and provide aftercare.

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The prices on offer start at £41 for the iPhone 14, £37 for the iPhone 13, £28 for the Google Pixel 5G, £18 for the Samsung A53, $26 for the Samsung Galaxy S21 FE, and £40 for the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4.

Find the greatest cell phone offers with next-day delivery, SIM-free phones, or SIM-only offerings. Given how frequently they arise, it’s worthwhile to keep a look out for discounts and exclusive offers. It’s also important to keep in mind that 45 days before your contract expires, Cheap Mobiles usually offers a free upgrade. The following day, everything is delivered for free. It will take longer in Northern Scotland and on the distant islands. You must either phone them or complete an online form if you want to return something. You have seven days to decide to return an item if you change your mind.

What networks are available through Affordable Mobiles?

All of the major UK networks, including EE, O2, Three, and Vodafone, operate together with Cheap Mobiles. This means that network providers may provide Pay As You Go options in addition to contract offers.


In all four cases, the networks currently offer a 5G connectivity. Roll-out determines how something will function in your area, thus we advise you to check coverage before making a purchase.

Advantages of Low-Cost Mobiles

The cost is by far Cheap Mobiles’ greatest benefit. You’re sure to receive one of the best discounts on the smartphone you’re looking for when you buy from this store. Nevertheless this internet base is not a problem because you can have that phone the next day. In actuality, it suggests that more resources will be devoted to customer service, ensuring that you get the best experience possible.


The reductions on SIM-free phones and refurbished models increase the website’s overall affordability. They also offer cashback with purchases, which is paid directly to your account, if that’s what you’re looking for. Another advantage of purchasing Cheap Mobiles is the next day delivery option, which is offered by DPD and is typically free but costs £6. You’ll want to make sure you’re getting the best deal possible while looking for a new phone. The biggest savings vary based on the type of phone you desire and whether you want to switch carriers or stay with your current one. However, some of the best discounts are only open to new consumers, while others are only open to returning customers. In the majority of cases, you should take your time and carefully consider all of your options before making a choice.

With each person they refer, current Cheap Mobiles customers can earn up to £40. Use your personal referral link to invite your friends to the Cheap Mobiles refer-a-friend programme. If they opt for a contract or SIM-only plan, the incentive will be added to your referral programme account in accordance with those choices.


With a huge selection of contracts for all the newest smartphones, Cheap Mobiles is your one-stop shop for a great value phone bundle. You can further reduce the exceptional value of Cheap Mobiles by allowing clients to trade in their old phones to defray the purchase of a new one. Compare prices from the UK’s top phone recycling facilities quickly for approximately £40, and while you’re doing it, save money on a new phone.

Also, Cheap Mobiles has incredible commercial offers, such as discounted business-to-business mobile contracts and unified communications services. Affordable Mobiles may assist you if your business is seeking for a terrific deal on VoIP, fixed lines, or the internet. With Cheap Mobiles, you may be sure to get a great deal right away on everything you want from your phone. Only at Cheap Mobiles can you get the greatest cell phone offers in the UK.

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