Know Here The Best Replacement of iPads are Windows 11 tablets.


iPad replacements Windows 11 tablets: Windows has always been an operating system that prioritises keyboard and mouse input. Even though Windows 10 includes a dedicated tablet mode, the touchscreen experience has always felt like an afterthought (and 8, if you cast your mind back that far).

Although dropping tablet mode in Windows 11 can seem like a step backwards, it has really been a positive development. Using the OS on a tablet now makes more sense than ever thanks to a number of minor modifications. Nevertheless, can it truly compete with Android slates or even the iPad?


I experimented with this by using the Surface Pro 9 for a week with no attached peripherals. My intention was to use it in place of an iPad for tasks that tablets often excel at, such online surfing, viewing movies, and playing games, rather than to replace my regular Windows laptop.

Despite a few annoyances and difficulties, I was pleasantly pleased by how positive the entire experience was. In fact, Windows 11 tablets are so good that many individuals would profit from switching from iPad or Android tablets to them. This is why.

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Windows 11 tablets

1. Full desktop applications

While Android tablets are switching to Android 12L, all iPads run iPadOS. Few programmes are actually optimised for bigger displays, despite the fact that both provide a few adjustments to operating systems created for smartphones.

Instead, you’ll frequently see phone applications that have been clumsily stretched to accommodate a larger, oddly shaped screen. Alternatively, you could discover that certain tablet-compatible apps are just unavailable. Two examples are Instagram and WhatsApp for iPad.

All Windows 11 tablets, however, can run the whole desktop versions of software. These not only frequently offer more features than their mobile counterparts, but some of them are only available on Windows or macOS.

NBA Store

2. Execute game full versions

These days, mobile gaming is hugely popular, but because of the size of phones and tablets, games are frequently available in reduced forms. On tablets, Call of Duty: Mobile and PUBG Mobile are amazing, but they fall short of their full PC counterparts.

There are no such restrictions while using a tablet running Windows 11. Just visit the Microsoft Store, set up Steam, or download the game of your choice; it works the same way on any PC.

3. No restrictions on the app store

It leads me to my next point. Most users only have access to the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store for Android and iPadOS apps, respectively.

Bloomchic 2

There are millions of applications on both, but unless you sideload them, which is not advised unless you have the required technological know-how and realise the hazards, you won’t be able to download any that aren’t offered in those stores.

Because this is Windows, you can download software from anyplace on the web even if the Microsoft Store cannot compete in terms of sheer volume. You may install any app without Microsoft’s interference as long as you take the appropriate safety steps, such as installing reliable antivirus software.

4. You can get your laptop replaced.

Although it’s tempting, most people cannot actually replace their laptops with the iPad Pro. The biggest drawback of iPadOS is its limits, whereas a Windows tablet can be used as a real laptop as soon as you link it with a removable keyboard cover and, optionally, a mouse.

Although Windows 11 isn’t favoured by everyone, it does provide all you require to do any task. With this configuration, you have a portable productivity tool that is equivalent to a “real” laptop.

Windows 11 tablets features

5. Many tablet-specific features

Previous versions of Windows never seemed to prioritise the touchscreen experience, and even Windows 10’s tablet mode is far from perfect.

And that was essentially the situation when Windows 11 was released in 2021, but Microsoft has since started to change that with a number of releases.

The 22H2 update included a number of tablet-specific features, such as a selection of navigational gestures and the ability to remove the taskbar when viewing an app in full screen mode. With the addition of Start menu folders and a single swipe to access all of your programmes, Windows 11 now more closely resembles a tablet operating system.

It used to be one of Windows 11’s main drawbacks, but after a number of updates, it is now on par with the Apple or Google keyboards. The outstanding built-in voice dictation is available in all apps if you don’t feel like typing.

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