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Each audio collection needs a top-notch portable Bluetooth speaker. Your list of gadgets simply wouldn’t be complete without one, whether you’re travelling to the beach, grilling in the garden, or playing your favourite music in the shower (or two, or three). The good news is that today, it’s simple to get a fantastic portable speaker for a low cost that comes with a sturdy, water-resistant construction and a tonne of useful functions.

We’ve tested portable speakers for a combined ten years, and we’re certain the Sonos Roam (sold at Amazon) offers all the features you could want. It includes top-notch audio, a small, fashionable design, and cutting-edge features including Wi-Fi networking, smart functions, and Sonos’ renowned multi-room audio. Know Here The Top Class 5 Best Washing Machine.

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SoundLink Flex by Bose
  • Life of battery: 12 hours
  • IP67 Dust and water resistance

A superb portable Bluetooth speaker that skillfully balances the two of our top recommendations is the Bose SoundLink Flex. For the money, you get a solid feature set, attractive design, and outstanding sound quality.

The Flex’s design accomplishes the feat of squeezing all of its sturdiness, usability, and tough good looks into a one-pound compact. The Flex, which is shaped something like a poundcake and can be used in a variety of ways—including hanging from its built-in strap—offers some versatility in how you may use it, hence its name. Moreover, the Flex has full IP67 dust/water protection, making it a reliable option to go along on any outdoor escapades.

The Flex is a little more heavily focused towards the Bose ecosystem than the usual Bluetooth speaker, similar to other Bose devices. Although it’s not strictly necessary, you should use the Bose Connect app to get the most out of it. Speakerphone feature is something we’re seeing less of in top-tier Bluetooth speakers these days, despite the fact that you can’t group it with other speakers through Wi-Fi in the same manner as the Sonos Roam.

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The Flex’s powerful sound quality should be used as your primary justification. Despite its compact size, it produces loud, well-balanced sound with a similar range as the large JBL Charge. The Flex could be more Bluetooth speaker than the average consumer needs due to its pricing. But, if you want to seem “business casual,” this can be the right choice.

Flip 6 JBL price


  • Huge, well-balanced sound
  • Flexible and robust design
  • long-lasting battery


Bloomchic 3
  • limited features considering the cost

Flip 6 JBL

  • Life of battery: 12 hours
  • IP67 Dust and water resistance

For additional inexpensive fun, JBL’s Flip range of Bluetooth speakers is a fantastic option. The JBL Flip 6 has all the same amazing features as its predecessors, including 12 hours of playback time, room-filling sound, a water-resistant construction that makes it ideal for outdoor usage, and a wide variety of colour options. Moreover, it improves on the predecessor with somewhat smoother sound and enhanced durability, earning an IP67 classification for dust and water resistance to guard against both dust and a short dunk.

The Flip 6 also includes a somewhat updated look (though you won’t really notice a change from the Flip 5) and a more effective Bluetooth standard (5.1). Up to 100 JBL speakers may be connected through Bluetooth using the PartyBoost function from JBL, however we haven’t tried that many speakers. So, the greater the party you can support, the more JBL speakers you buy.

The Flip 6’s spherical chassis and bass radiators provide loud, clear sound that is perfect for reflecting off a glittering swimming pool’s surface. Jazz, acoustic music, podcasts, and just about any other genre you can think of sound terrific with enough thump to make even the most bass-heavy music genres sound great. Even if it occasionally obscures other instruments in the mix, it nevertheless puts up a daring performance that grabs attention.

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The Flip 6 is neither the largest nor the loudest speaker on our list or the cheapest. Yet, it is an A-plus all-arounder that satisfies all the requirements for a portable, waterproof Bluetooth speaker. The Flip 6 is a worthy successor and the clear choice as the best bargain on our list, even though you might still be able to purchase the Flip 5 on sale.


  • evocative and precise sound
  • Completely waterproof
  • intuitive and fashionable


Bloomchic 2
  • There should be more batteries.

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Soundcore 2 by Anker

  • Up to 24 hours of battery life
  • IPX7 Dust and water resistance

The Soundcore 2 is a proud member of Anker’s Soundcore brand of portable speakers and is plain, functional, and basic. It has a solid rectangular shape with large, simple-to-push buttons, a set of connections for USB charging that are firmly sealed, and a 3.5mm input (which is starting to vanish from low-cost Bluetooth speakers). Its battery life is also among the finest of any speaker reviewed in this book, often exceeding 20 hours with the proper usage.

The Soundcore 2’s sound quality, however, is its most striking feature. There is less tinniness in its treble and greater bass presence than you’ll get from most of its competitors in the same class, while being relatively compact, portable, and lightweight. The Soundcore 2 is a fun, simple choice for individuals on a limited budget thanks to its inexpensive price and large range of colour options. Although it doesn’t get extremely loud, it still produces enough sound for when you’re on the go, and it does it with almost any audible distortion.

Last but not least, the Anker SoundCore 2 has passed a 30-minute test in one metre of water to get the IPX7 water resistance rating. To put it another way, even though it lacks dust protection, it is extremely splashproof and should be suitable for a fast dunk without becoming worthless. That’s a lot of quality items for less than $50.


  • straightforward setup
  • extremely transportable
  • insanely long battery life


  • not particularly loud

Roaming Sonos

  • Life of battery: 10 hours
  • IP67 Dust and water resistance

The most adaptable portable speaker we’ve ever tested is the Sonos Roam. It certainly performs well when moving about, but unlike the other speakers on our list, it supports both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connections for your audio source. In addition to enhancing music quality, this extra connectivity enables the Roam to function as a smart speaker for Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa and link up to other Sonos speakers as part of a multi-room configuration.

The Roam provides far more bass response than you’d anticipate from a six-inch tube and gives warm, smooth sound with excellent detail. We were astounded right away by how enormous it is in addition to how great it sounds. Although the Roam’s 360-degree sound field and bass performance can’t compete with that of larger sound tubes like Ultimate Ears’ heavy Megaboom 3, it is far more portable. Moreover, it has a True Volume function (available on iOS only) that automatically adjusts the volume to the surroundings, so your music always sounds its best.

Both the Roam’s balanced weight of little under a pound and its smooth yet grippy shell feel excellent in your hands. It also fits well in a water bottle holster for a backpack. Its IP67 dust and water resistance designation implies it can tolerate dusty settings or even a fast dunk—something we don’t anticipate from a Wi-Fi speaker. The armoured front grille protects the innards.

The speaker’s mid-range 10 hours of playback duration are more than enough for a day trip. The Roam’s wireless Bluetooth range proved to be rather impressive during our testing; we could almost travel the length of a whole practise field before it started to cut out. As this is a Sonos speaker, the Sonos S2 app’s easy Wi-Fi setup and operation are also included.

The Roam is the way to go if you want a portable speaker that does it all and sounds fantastic while doing it, even though it isn’t cheap.


  • outstanding sound
  • Elegant, tough, and logical
  • Excellent both domestically and internationally


  • No wall adapter is provided.
  • just adequate battery life

Flip 6 JBL

Last Ears Megaboom

  • 15 hours of battery life
  • IP67 Dust and water resistance

One of the top portable speakers on the market is the Ultimate Ears Megaboom 3. It sounds amazing, with a clear and present middle, snappy, strong bass, and more treble detail than you’d expect. It’s likely the best speaker for sound in its price range because to its balanced, “360-degree” soundscape (in which music is supposed to be disseminated from all sides), with just the Charge 5 and Sonos Roam standing in its way.

The Megaboom 3 is constructed like a tank, and its tactile, dual-tone casing protects it from water and dust. It nearly begs you to hurl it at anything or roll it at your pals in an effort to amputate their legs since it is so tough. The Megaboom 3 comes with a strong companion app from UE that lets you adjust the speaker’s EQ, link it to other Megaboom speakers in party mode (up to an absurdly high limit of 150 speakers), and even utilise the top button to directly access a pre-programmed streaming service.

The Megaboom 3 is a reliable portable Bluetooth speaker, but it falls short of the Sonos Roam in a few crucial areas, including the lack of Wi-Fi, which prevents you from using it as an Alexa or Google smart speaker, and the inability to work with other Wi-Fi speakers in a multi-speaker setup. The speaker’s 20-hour battery life is impressive compared to the Roam (and most other speakers), but in tests, when used at medium volume, it ran out of power far sooner than that.

The Megaboom 3 is an aural marvel, but it isn’t particularly portable. Unlike the Roam and the Flip, it’s more difficult to put into a bag or backpack for travel, despite being simple to move around the house or throw in the car. The Megaboom 3 is an excellent Bluetooth speaker with music as loud and clear as anything you’ll find at its size if you’re simply going to put it in the yard for barbecues and you don’t need Wi-Fi, though.


  • wonderful sound
  • very robust
  • enough battery life


  • Not as portable as leading rivals


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