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Let’s travel back in time to 1992 for a moment. Kurt Cobain is still alive, and the federal government of the United States is launching a programme called Energy Star. The objective of the initiative is to develop a grading system to assist consumers in purchasing more ecologically friendly items.

This is partially affected by a washing machine’s Integrated Modified Energy Factor (IMEF). The IMEF is the ratio between the washer’s size and the amount of hot water and power it consumes. 5 Best Air Purifier Reviews in 2023

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IWF, or the Integrated Water Factor, is the ratio between total water use and size. In other words, a washer is more efficient the higher the IMEF and the lower the IWF.

As of 2023, a washer must have an IMEF more than or equal to 2.76 and an IWF lower than or equal to 3.2 in order to be rated high-efficiency.

At Reviewed, we actually include an additional component, the weight of washed laundry. So the dryer must waste more energy the more drenched a load of clothing is. Front-loading washers are nearly usually more efficient than top-loading washers due to a more powerful spin cycle and a larger capacity.

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A large washing machine that conserves water (particularly hot water) and power is regarded as high-efficiency. The vast majority of new front-loading and top-loading washing machines are energy-efficient.

What are the most efficient washing machines?

When searching for high-efficiency washers or detergents, look for a universal ellipse label with the letters HE on it.

1. Electrolux ELFW7637AT

Simply put, the Electrolux ELFW7637AT is the greatest front-load washer we’ve ever evaluated.

It includes specific features that remove the element of chance from doing laundry. It accommodates pods in the detergent drawer. A built-in stain guide allows you to pick the appropriate washers for grass, blood, and chocolate stains.

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Furthermore, the ELFW7637AT is quite efficient. The Normal cycle uses a total of just 12 gallons of water every cycle. Our findings indicate that this Electrolux appliance is 31% more water and energy efficient.


The LG WKEX200HBA Wash Tower is a pre-stacked washer and dryer. Because the control panel for both units is positioned between the two, it acts as a space-saving measure and a convenience.

The design will appeal to individuals with little room. Those who spend all day doing laundry will appreciate that the WKEX200HBA is one of the most efficient washers on the market. The Fast Wash cycle for a 4-pound load takes 16 minutes, while the Normal cycle for an 8-pound load takes around 30 minutes.

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During the Normal cycle, the Wash Tower uses approximately 11.92 gallons of water. It uses 44% fewer resources than the ordinary washing machine.

3. Samsung WF50A8600AV

If your existing washer seems cramped every time you do laundry, the WF50A8600AV may be exactly what you need. This Samsung’s 5.0-cubic-foot drum is both roomy and accessible.

Check out Samsung’s ADA-compliant risers if you have an issue with your lower back. Our laboratory testing indicate that the WF50A8600AV excels at eliminating stains and operates silently.

In terms of water efficiency, our water metres indicate that the WF50A8600AV consumes 12.45 gallons. Throughout all cycles, this washer consumes roughly 29% less water and power than the national average.

4. Whirlpool WFW9620HC washer

The Whirlpool WFW9620HC is a washing machine that makes every effort to be user-friendly. Secondly, it includes a straightforward interface that provides information about your laundry and allows you to personalise cycles.

The XL Plus Dispenser on this Whirlpool washer holds up to 40 loads’ worth of detergent and fabric softener and automatically distributes the right quantities based on the load’s weight.

The WFW9620HC is also effective in water conservation. Analyzing all of its cycles, our estimates indicate that it consumes 42% less water than the average washing machine.

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5. Maytag MHW8630HC

The Maytag MHW8630HC will appeal to those with a patient disposition. Even though it is three hours long, it boasts one of the most powerful Heavy Duty cycles we have ever tested.

Despite the emphasis on slow and steady, this Maytag is not a massive resource hog. This washer’s Normal cycle only consumed 11 gallons of water, however the super-long Heavy Duty cleaning cycle consumed 15 gallons. Overall, the Maytag MHW8630HC utilised 44% less water than the typical washing machine.

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