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Xiaomi Watch S1 Pro: Xiaomi is a relative newcomer to the market for smartwatches for a firm that has been producing phones for more than a decade.

Although the initial Mi Watch just debuted in 2019, it has already been replaced with a model that now more closely resembles Samsung’s Galaxy Watch.

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This is the case with the Watch S1 Pro, which was first unveiled in China in August 2022 and then launched internationally at MWC 2023.

It has a comparable pricing point and has a similar appearance to the Galaxy Watch 5. Nonetheless, due to a few significant drawbacks, most consumers would prefer Samsung’s wearable above those from Google and Apple. This is my whole evaluation.

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Build and design
  • build quality
  • Large design
  • excellent comfort

Although the design of the Watch S1 Pro isn’t very innovative, it does look the part.

The conventional stainless steel and glass combination is what Xiaomi chose, which gives the product a more upscale and costly vibe. Nevertheless, just one size, 46mm, is offered. It fits me just about fine, however I wish there was a smaller size available for those with smaller wrists.

Xiaomi Watch S1 Pro

It’s also very substantial, measuring 11.28mm in thickness. Although I didn’t have a problem with it, the Apple Watch SE 2 or even the Samsung Watch 5 are undoubtedly more stylish.

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Nonetheless, Xiaomi did a fantastic job with the design. Although the latter differs depending on whatever model you select, the Watch S1 Pro finds a wonderful mix between strength and appearance.

Just the black variant comes with a covert rubber band, though. Although you can easily purchase additional straps separately and switch them in and out, the alternate silver version comes with a brown leather strap instead.

Rubber bands are an excellent choice for both daily usage and aquatic sports since they are quite comfy. Instead of a separate fixed loop, it is held in place by tucking the end under the edge of the strap.


The hefty shape makes monitoring your sleep more difficult, but you shouldn’t have any problems wearing it all day. It can still be a hindrance even if it’s on the wrist opposite the one you sleep on.

There are two physical controllers in addition to touch, which is the primary method of device interaction. The whole selection of applications may be accessed by clicking the crown on the right side, and you can also navigate through them by rotating the crown.

A special shortcut button for the workout area may be found underneath that. Although you can get by without using them in virtually all situations, both physical buttons are simple to operate and feel natural.

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The Watch S1 Pro is still rather light for its size. The watch weighs only 48.6g (without a band), making it simple to forget you’re wearing it.

Both visual and aural

  • fantastic 1.47-inch touchscreen
  • gets sufficiently bright
  • decent loudspeaker and microphone

The 1.47-inch, 480480 display of the Watch S1 Pro was provided by Xiaomi. The screen is a delight to use, utilising OLED to its fullest potential to produce vivid colours and deep blacks.

The latter has been fully utilised by the programme, with the dark colours fitting in well with the black model’s frame. Despite having remarkably thin bezels, you don’t have to worry about accidently pressing steel rather than glass because the display is flat rather than curved.

The S1 Pro’s size also makes it simple to tap and swipe the screen without obstructing your view. For tiny watch screens, that is a common worry, although it is unimportant in this case.

Xiaomi claims their displays can be as bright as 600 nits, however the brightness is really automatically adjusted according on the surrounding illumination. The screen is easily visible with a quick flick of the wrist, even in direct sunshine.

Features & software

  • use specific Xiaomi software
  • No applications; only support for third-party notifications
  • several characteristics

Xiaomi’s MIUI watch 1.0 software is installed on the S1 Pro. Though I don’t notice many similarities, it is based on the MIUI Android skin used on its devices.

There are many more similarities between it and WearOS, especially with the circular scrolling list of programme icons. Nevertheless, neither the Google Play Store nor any other app store are present on the gadget. It is quite frustrating that no third-party apps, except from notifications, are available.

Exercise & tracking

  • comprehensive exercise assistance
  • Tracking your workouts ineffectively
  • decent tracking of sleep

The Watch S1 Pro includes integrated GPS, like the majority of competitors. This indicates that it can track your movements when you walk, run, or ride a bike without being linked to your phone. Once you are once again within range, the data is then seamlessly synchronised.

There are other options for prospective workouts as well. There are 117 alternatives in all, and nothing is plainly absent from the list.

I used the S1 Pro to monitor my typical regular activities—lots of walking, tennis, and swimming—in an effort to incorporate it into my daily routine. The latter is made possible by the watch’s 5ATM water resistance, which means it is suitable for swimming pools but not for undersea diving or participating in water sports.

Xiaomi Watch S1 Pro price

Details and performance

  • ample performance
  • No mobile option
  • several various types of sensors

The Watch S1 Pro’s CPU and Memory capacity have not been disclosed by Xiaomi.

I can only say that there is more than enough power available for all watch functions, even those that need real-time contact with the phone. Using the touchscreen or physical buttons to navigate the watch is easy and responsive.

Unfortunately, cellular connectivity is not an option with the S1 Pro. Although there is Wi-Fi, many essential services still require a Bluetooth 5.2 connection to your phone.

Life of battery and charging

  • 500 mAh of power
  • Exceptional battery life, even with all functions active.
  • reasonable pricing rates

With a hefty (for a wristwatch) 500mAh cell, the Watch S1 Pro offers an exceptional battery life.

Xiaomi advertises a standby duration of up to 14 days, however frequent use will rapidly exhaust it. Xiaomi cautions that turning on the majority of the app’s health-related functions would reduce battery life.

Even with maximum brightness and extensive workout monitoring, you can still anticipate at least two full days of intensive usage even with everything switched on.

Pricing and accessibility

Only one 46mm version of the Watch S1 Pro is offered, and it costs £299 in the UK or CNY 1,499 on the Xiaomi website.

The watch costs €299 for the black rubber strap version and €329 for the brown leather variant in Europe. Yet, the US does not have access to it.

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