Apple Watch Ultra’s Depth and Water Seal Tests: Everything You Need to Know


Apple Watch Ultra: Apple’s most expensive watch ever, the Apple Watch Ultra, can now be tested for water resistance and depth. A new support document tells people who own an Apple Watch Ultra that they can ask Apple for a Depth and Water Seal Test, which will check how well the depth gauge and seals on their watch work.

In the document, there are a few reasons why people might want to have their watches tested. For example, people who use their watches for diving may want to make sure the depth gauge is accurate or check for any damage that hasn’t been noticed.

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How to request depth and water seal tests for an Apple Watch Ultra

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If you have an Apple Watch Ultra, you can contact Apple’s online support to ask for a Depth and Water Seal Test. If the watch doesn’t seem to be broken, Apple will check the water seals and depth gauge to make sure they are working properly.

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How much do depth and water seal tests for an Apple Watch Ultra cost?

It is not clear if Apple charges for this service, so if you want to test your watch, it is best to ask them. Once your Apple Watch Ultra has been sent for investigation, it will take about 7–10 days for you to get it back.

But if your Apple Watch Ultra has some hidden damage. In that case, the depth and water seal test could make the watch inoperable, which could mean you have to pay to get a new one if the Limited Warranty or other consumer protection laws don’t cover the device.
According to the support article, you shouldn’t go diving with your Apple Watch Ultra if either the front display or the back crystal has visible cracks.

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Cracks in the display or crystal can let water into the watch, which can damage it, especially if it is exposed to high water pressure. Also, if your Apple Watch Ultra has visible cracks, the Depth and Water Seal Test can’t be done for the same reason.

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