MSI Titan GT77 Laptop: A Masterpiece of Gaming Technology


MSI Titan GT77 Laptop: About gaming laptops, MSI is a brand to be considered. The Titan series is only one of the many products that the company has added to its portfolio over the years. The Titan series is known for providing top-notch specs and features and is aimed at those who don’t want to make any concessions. The MSI Titan GT77 is an attempt by the business to expand the market for gaming laptops. This enormous laptop is not exactly a typical device that can be taken around. These things are referred to as desktop substitutes. These gadgets provide performance comparable to a full desktop setup while still being somewhat portable. The MSI Titan GT77 is one of the most costly laptops on the market right now.

The laptop manufacturer has already updated its Titan line-up with new versions that are equipped with the most recent 13th-generation Intel Core i9 CPU and Nvidia RTX 4080 series GPU. The corporation with its headquarters in Taiwan released the model we are testing in 2022. It is powered by a 16GB Nvidia RTX 3080 graphics card and an Intel Core i9 processor from the 12th generation. The business declined to say whether the most recent models will be offered in the nation. The price of the 2022 model is Rs 4,99,999 on the Flipkart e-commerce platform. We have been using this model for the past few weeks, according to the firm, who calls it a gaming monster. Following is our assessment on MSI’s assertions:


MSI Titan GT77 laptop design

All-black MSI Titan GT77 includes a metallic lid with an expanded back and an all-black aesthetic. The display cover is easy to open and feels pretty strong. The lid’s hinge can flex nearly 135 degrees, making viewing simple. The enlarged lower panel, which supports all of the laptop’s internal components as well as the keyboard, is constructed of polycarbonate, and the extended area underneath the screen is covered with RGB lights. The company’s branding is located on the bottom of the display, which is also the thickest section of the bezel, and the lid’s MSI logo (which also supports RGB lighting). The final three bezels are all the same size and thinner. The webcam in the upper bezel can record 720p video at 30 frames per second. Also, the front camera has IR for Windows Hello support, which worked nicely.

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While typing and playing video games, the CherryMX SteelSeries mechanical keyboard appears to provide average performance. The entire keyboard features customizable RGB lighting that can be set to the user’s preferences. Also, users can customise the lid logo’s and the rear vents’ lighting to their preferences. Despite having fair key travel and a very deep typing sound, the keypad’s keys felt smooth and responsive. The laptop’s power button, which is located inside a full-sized keyboard and has a separate number pad, is likewise incredibly sensitive.


MSI Titan GT77 laptop display

The 17.3-inch IPS panel’s excellent fluidity and ability to produce vibrant colours made the gaming experiences much more enjoyable. The MSI Titan GT77 can play graphics-intensive games at 120 frames per second in 4K. We evaluated a few graphically demanding action role-playing games, including Spider-Man, CyberPunk 2077, and Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy. Some shooting games, like Valorant and Apex Legends, as well as certain racing titles, including Need For Speed Unbound and Forza Horizon, have been remastered. They were all moving forward with ease.

Bloomchic 2

When the resolution is reduced to full HD (1080p), it can provide refresh rates of up to 360Hz, which can be advantageous for esports. The standard dynamic range for display is provided by the 8-bit panel. Even when the brightness is at its highest point at 350 nits, the default setting’s crispness can be calming to the eyes. Due to the lack of a pen or touch input for this display, touch capability was not possible. Moreover, MSI offers specialised software called True Color that optimises the display.


MSI Titan GT77 laptop performance

The performance this laptop offers is undoubtedly its most alluring feature. In addition to being overkill in graphics-intensive circumstances like gaming, the MSI Titan GT77 is also capable of professional tasks like editing. These laptops have zero lag or jitter during any gaming sessions. The laptop also felt really quick and responsive. Every game runs like a hot knife through butter thanks to MSI’s Overboost technology, the most powerful GPU and CPU of 2022. This laptop features 64GB of RAM as standard, and there are additional slots where users can add up to 128 GB extra. It has 4TB of SSD storage as far as capacity is concerned.

Both performance and efficiency cores are present in Intel’s 12th generation (Alder Lake) processors. According to the US-based chip manufacturer, efficient cores can give single-threaded performance that is 40% greater. In contrast, the performance cores claim an improvement of about 19% above those found in 11th generation CPUs. The hybrid design of the Intel i9 12th generation processor raises the bar for gaming. Even when the graphics and visuals on the AAA games we tested on the laptop were at their highest settings, none of them encountered frame drops or lags.



MSI Titan GT77 laptop battery

The laptop comes with a massive 330W adaptor, increasing the system’s overall weight to 4.9kg. The massive 99.9WHr battery is charged using this adapter. The battery life on this game laptop is poor, just like that of other gaming laptops. Also, you shouldn’t anticipate a long battery life given the CPU and GPU’s high power requirements. With light, regular workloads, the laptop was able to produce a battery life of over 4 hours. During gaming sessions, the battery was only able to deliver a run time of no more than two hours. A few features on the Titan GT77 also focus on battery efficiency.


One of the most costly gaming laptops now on the market in India is the MSI Titan GT77. Users can save money by choosing devices with less RAM and storage than the top-of-the-line model we are utilising. Yet, it would be very challenging to match the performance that this laptop offers. This is now the finest choice the company has to offer if your only interests are gaming or other performance-oriented tasks, and if cost is not an issue.

Dynamic Display
Effective Performance
Efficient Mechanical Keyboard Cooling

mint mobile

Not really portable

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