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Editor’s note: We’ll score this review after Vivo confirms the X90 Pro’s price in the West; in the meanwhile, here are our initial impressions after using it.

It’s fair to say that we’ve been a little thrilled about the X90 Pro, which takes things one step further with a whopping huge big one-inch camera sensor. Last year, we named the Vivo X80 Pro our favourite phone camera of the year.

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With the exception of Vivo’s X90 Pro+, which regrettably will remain a China-only model, it has already given the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra camera some fierce competition. So even this early in the year, there’s a possibility this might be 2023’s greatest phone for photography.

With one of the most recent flagship chipsets, a pleasant grippy leather feel, and all the standard quick charging and top display characteristics you’d expect, the ordinary X90 is no slouch elsewhere either.

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Vivo X90 Pro features
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-Build and design

  • Large but cosy in the hand
  • superior imitation leather backside
  • a large camera module and an intricate back design
  • I have conflicting opinions on the Vivo X90 Pro’s design, but let’s start with the positive.

I like the black vegan leather coating on the phone’s back since it gives it more grip and durability than other competitors and makes it stand out in a sea of glass slabs.


It’s resilient elsewhere as well. The phone should be protected from water and dust thanks to its IP68 classification, and its screen is constructed of Schott Xensation, a more contemporary alternative to Gorilla Glass.

I also appreciate how, despite having a somewhat big overall size, the phone feels cosy and deceptively light in the hand. It still weights a respectable 215g, yet somehow manages to carry that weight nicely, which is why I call it deceiving.

Display and speakers

Curved AMOLED display with a large 6.8-inch diagonal and Full HD+ resolution, and 120 Hz refresh rate .
Although it’s by no means a poor screen, the display is one of the few places where the X90 Pro doesn’t completely fling everything against the wall.

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You receive a huge 6.78-inch AMOLED display with rounded corners for comfort in the hand. The 1260 x 2800 resolution is sufficient, albeit it is an improvement over the X80 Pro from the previous year, which featured a QHD+ display, as do many of the X90 Pro’s competitors.

Details and performance

  • superior MediaTek Dimensity 9200 processor
  • a bit behind rivals running Snapdragon 8 Gen 2
  • 256GB of storage and 12GB of RAM

Vivo’s decision to launch the X90 range was uncommon. The flagship X90 Pro+ employs MediaTek’s Dimensity 9200, a competitor to Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 which powers the top-end X90 Pro+.

On paper, it should be a close match because it has similar specifications to other top chips, but in tests, it actually trails below 8 Gen 2 devices like the Galaxy S23 Ultra and OnePlus 11. What appear to be great scores for the X90 Pro aren’t actually that spectacular because every other phone featured runs at a higher resolution on the graphics-intensive GFXBench tests that are mentioned below.

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photos and videos

  • Most likely any phone’s finest primary camera
  • fantastic auxiliary lenses
  • periscope zoom absent
  • I’ve been positive with the X90 Pro up to this point, but perhaps not awestruck. This is where things shift.

It was always going to come down to the camera on this phone. It will take some effort for Vivo to top the Vivo X80 Pro as the finest camera in 2022, but it has.

Now, let’s address the primary drawback: there is no periscopic zoom available. A 2x zoom “portrait lens” connecting the main camera and ultrawide produces respectable pictures up to a magnification of roughly 5x. Again, the X90 Pro+, which is only available in China, has that deeper zoom; it is simply not there here, which is a minor disadvantage when compared to cameras like the S23 Ultra.

Vivo X90 Pro price

Charger & battery

  • commodious daytime battery
  • 120W of lightning-fast wired charging
  • Wireless reverse charging appears to be broken.
  • The battery is arguably the X90 Pro’s secondary strength if the camera is its primary one.

The enormous 4870mAh battery is nearly the largest you’ll find in a flagship. Most crucially, it results in a phone that typically lasts far longer than a full day of use.

Fair enough, there are some variations here. On official UK and European models, there is often significantly less bloatware than on global versions of the phone, much of which cannot be removed.

The issue of over-optimization remains unchanged. Funtouch controls battery life, app networking, and even permissions aggressively in the background, which leads to issues like shutting off apps you thought were running or blocking alerts.

Cost and availability

Because Vivo hasn’t yet said how much the X90 Pro will cost in the UK and Europe or even when it will go on sale, though we know it will eventually, this review of the device is currently unscored.

The X80 Pro began at £1,199/€1,099 last year, and I would anticipate similar pricing this year. That would put it in very direct competition with products like the Apple iPhone 14 Pro Max and the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra, but ideally Vivo can find a way to slightly lower their prices.

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