Holi 2023: Tips to Keep Your Smartphone Dry and Safe


Tips to Keep Your Smartphone Dry: Holi, the celebration of colours, is almost approaching. While playing Holi, be mindful to protect your phone and other technology. Keep in mind that under no guarantee does any company cover water damage. These easy methods will enable you to save your phone in the event that it inadvertently falls into water or becomes wet.

Switch off the phone

Tips to Keep Your Smartphone Dry and Safe

Priorities come first. Turn off your phone right away. Even if it appears to be operating OK, keep doing this. Keep in mind that keeping it on could create a short-circuit. Moreover, if it’s off, avoid trying to turn on your phone and/or launch apps to check if everything is in order.

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Remove the protective case or cover.

Remove the cover or protective case

Remove the cover or protective case it is in right away. By doing this, you may prevent any water from the cover or case from getting inside the phone. Due to the cover’s potential to damage or further trap water within.

Use a cloth or paper towel to dry your phone.

Use a cloth or paper towel to dab your phone dry

Get some cloth or paper towels quickly and gently wipe your phone dry with them. Do not rub the phone, as this could cause liquid to get into the more sensitive parts of the phone. Make sure that when you do the quick wipe, no water gets into the charging port or the SIM or MicroSD slots by accident. Apple support says that to dry your iPhone, gently tap it against your hand with the Lightning connector facing down to get rid of any extra water.

Don’t put the phone on charge

Don't charge the phone

Don’t charge the phone until you’re sure it’s totally dry. If you charge a device that still has liquid inside or in the ports, it can cause more damage. Apple says that you should wait at least 5 hours before you charge or connect a Lightning accessory.

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Don’t try to dry your phone by shaking it.

Never try to shake dry your phone

Shaking or moving the phone too much to dry it is also a big no. As this could cause water to get into the phone. Do not use any outside heat source to dry your phone.

Don’t dry your phone with a hair dryer.

Never use hair dryer to dry your phone

Don’t mess up and try to dry your phone with a hair dryer. The delicate electronics inside can be damaged by heat.

Put your phone in a bowl or bag of rice that hasn’t been cooked.

Put your phone in a bowl or bag of uncooked rice

You can put your phone in a bowl or bag of uncooked rice. Rice can help because it soaks up water. Leave your phone in the bowl or bag for 24–48 hours. Before putting the phone in the rice, you can wrap it loosely in a paper towel. This will make sure that the rice doesn’t bring dust or other things into the phone.


Use silica gel packets to protect your phone.

Put your phone in silica gel packets

Rice might help, but silica gel packets work better. They have been shown to work better and absorb water more quickly. These are the instructions that come with new things like shoes. Leave your phone in a container with silica gel packets and a lid that keeps air out. They also make less of a mess than rice does.

Before at least 24–48 hours, don’t use your phone.

Don't use your phone before minimum 24-48 hours

Only after 2–4 days should you put your phone back together and turn it on. Make sure your phone is clean and looks dry before you turn it on. If the steps above don’t work, you should get help from a professional. Don’t try to open the phone and make it work yourself.

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