LG G3 Tv is one of the most popular Tv Of LG 2023.


LG G3: The G3 model from LG should be on your wish list for a number of reasons, according to the company’s announcement of its lineup of OLED Televisions for 2023.

The C2 was a surprising knock-out television last year, providing nearly everything from the LG G2 but at a lower cost. Nonetheless, the G3 has advanced significantly in terms of updates this year.

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The main feature is a revolutionary WOLED panel, which increases brightness by up to 70% over a traditional OLED TV. The letter W stands for white, which denotes the addition of a fourth subpixel to the red, green, and blue ones. The 70% is compared to the LG B3 rather than the G3’s predecessor, although it is still noticeably 30% brighter than the G2.

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But compared to the B3, the C3 is just 20% brighter, so choosing the G3 makes a significant difference, especially if you view a lot of HDR material.

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LG Display’s third generation MLA (Micro Lens Array) technology, which features a new structure to “dramatically boost brightness,” is responsible for this development. Moreover, LG claims a 30% increase in viewing angles.

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Another benefit of WOLED technology over other OLED kinds, notably QD-OLED featured in the Samsung S95B, according to LG, is that it is less prone to screen burn. Now you might finally be able to say goodbye to that elusive Netflix logo in the corner.

But there is a catch. This new, very brilliant WOLED panel is not available on all G3 sizes. It is offered in sizes of 55, 65, and 77 inches, but not 83 inches, which is 30% brighter than traditional OLED. They are once more promoted as OLED evo.

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Even still, that’s fantastic news for the majority of consumers, especially in the UK where 83in is already much too large. The 42- and 48-inch versions of the C3 share the same issue as their predecessor in that they are not equipped with a gorgeous, brilliant OLED evo screen.

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This year, the Super Anti Reflective coating on the G3 is another incentive to choose it over other models since it helps with clarity and contrast. You can see all this technology summarised as a Brightness Booster Max (simply Brightness Booster on the C3). According to LG, it is 25% less reflective than the LG C2.


The G3 gets a fresh appearance this year as well, which LG is dubbing One Wall Design (previously called Gallery Design). The TV is still designed with wall mounting in mind, and there is now a “zero gap” between the TV and the wall. Moreover, a new SC9 soundbar will be elegantly suspended below the TV by an optional stand component.

Whichever of these 4K OLED TVs you choose to purchase, you’ll receive the most recent alpha9 AI Processor 4K Gen6 to run the webOS 23 operating system. This is a card-based design that loads more quickly and allows you to arrange material similarly to how you would have folders for apps on your phone.


A new function called AI Picture Wizard, which helps you adjust the image to your preferences if parameters like sharpness and gamma are meaningless, and an updated fast settings menu are included. Furthermore new are HDR Expression Mapper, Adaptive Sound Control, and AI Super Upscaling.

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The LG Z3 in the company’s 2023 range will be the only 8K OLED option, leaving the B3 and A3 as the entry-level choices. And consider the LG M3, which will be available wirelessly later this year. It simply requires mains electricity because it can transfer all of its input from a box without wires.

As usual, LG has not officially announced the price or the date of availability for its 2023 TV lineup. In our overview of the greatest Televisions, you’ll discover recommendations whether you’re looking to purchase a new TV right away.

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