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Solar panels come in second to the famous money-growing tree, albeit not quite. It’s true that you plant a solar panel where the sun shines and then watch as electricity flows in. Not quite that easy, though. Three components make up a standard solar energy system: a panel, a controller, and a battery. The solar panel requires a battery to store the electricity and a control to assist safeguard your battery against sudden changes in the solar panel’s output of large amounts of power. There are other adjustments you can make to fine-tune your system, like adjusting the wire thickness and panel orientation, which may have an influence on the efficiency of even the most basic solar system.

Even though solar panel systems can be somewhat complicated (and require a hardware investment), having a backup energy source can significantly improve your comfort while camping or your ability to survive a power outage. A generator is another option for an alternative power source if installing a solar panel system seems like a little too much work. In either case, having a backup way to keep a fridge running during a brownout or charge electronics is a great addition to your camping equipment or emergency kit.Now Buy Any of These Foot Massagers to Relax your Feet and Keep it Hygienic.

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We read through tens of thousands of reviews for a range of solar panel options to help you find the best one. These are the top solar panel brands and products available right now, according to our research.

HI-S025 Solar Power Bank by Hiluckey

The Hiluckey Solar Charger Power Bank is a portable solar charging option with an integrated battery bank and two USB ports. When not in use, the panel may be folded up to a small size of 6.1 by 3.35 by 1.37 inches, weighs around one pound, and is simple to store. It was too big, according to shoppers, to fit in a pocket, but it would fit perfectly in a bag. Several reviewers thought the 1A charging rate per USB port was too sluggish.

Several reviews advise charging the battery at home before usage, charging devices at night, and keeping the solar panel in the sun the whole day for the best results. This solar panel would be durable enough for use while camping because it has a loop at the top to hold the panel and an IPX7 waterproof rating (enough for a 30-minute dip).

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  • 2 USB ports waterproof
  • Integrated torch


  • 1A output charging slowly

100W monocrystalline panel from Renogy

The Renogy 100W Monocrystalline Solar Panel is proof that a solar energy system doesn’t have to be complicated. The controller and all necessary wiring are included in the package to set up your first panel, following which you must add your particular brand of 12V battery. While customers praised the ease of assembly right out of the box and the simplicity of adding more panels and batteries, several customers complained that the kit was missing fasteners or a kickstand. The controller is not waterproof, however the panels can withstand all types of weather. Reviewers complained that it was challenging to connect wires to the controller and that it was simple to overtighten and break the plastic connections.

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Many customers suggested that you should buy a different controller to go with the panel since the controller proved to be the primary source of dissatisfaction. Several reviewers reported having trouble reaching Renogy customer care for a variety of reasons, from having trouble getting through to problems receiving warranty replacements. Customers said the kit was uncomplicated, simple to install, and a fantastic bargain overall.


  • includes installation gear and a controller
  • simple setup
  • Warranty for five years


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  • works best when integrated into a broader system.
  • larger than a bag

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100W Portable Solar Panel by Jackery

The Jackery Power Station, a battery with an integrated converter that enables you to operate just about anything with a plug, is what the Jackery SolarSaga 100W Portable Solar Panel is designed to be used with. The panel itself can charge the majority of mobile phones thanks to USB-C and USB-A connectors on the side, giving it a fantastic starting point for constructing a solar-powered system for camping or emergency use at home. Although this solar panel is slightly more expensive than comparable systems, reviewers note that it is of high quality and that it charges quickly (on top of a two-year warranty).

Customers praised the ease of setup for the panels, which are light at only five pounds, have a kickstand attached to the rear, and fold down to around half their original size. The panels are portable, but at 22.83 by 19.69 by 2.36 inches, they aren’t actually small enough to pack in a bag. As the panels are only certified to withstand splashes and are not entirely waterproof, portability is crucial.

Pull this panel out of the rain; you don’t want it to become completely sopped. Although the majority of reviewers used it for vehicle camping, a few said it was also in their emergency kit.


  • Ports USB-C and USB-A
  • Water-repellent effectiveness of 23%
  • Simple to install


  • best when used as a system
  • Too big to fit in a bag

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