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We put a lot of strain on our feet. We force children to walk in paper-thin sandals, shove them into uncomfortable shoes that lead to blisters, and squirm around in drenched sneakers in the rain. Because of everything they must suffer and the lack of appreciation they receive, our feet are arguably the most underappreciated portions of our bodies. During the sandal season, they might sometimes get pedicures, but what about ongoing self-care at home? Approach the foot spa.

Foot spas massage the feet by circulating warm water with vibration or jets, which softens the dead skin on the foot before it is removed. Some include extra functions like rolling or vibrating massagers or heaters to keep the hot water warm for a longer period of time. The Ivation Foot Spa Massager, which is our top selection, includes all of these features and provides a cosy, soothing experience.

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You don’t need a motorised foot spa if all you want to do is soak painful feet in warm water (and perhaps add some soap or essential oils). However if you choose the proper one, having one makes the experience more enjoyable and spa-like.

Foot Spa Massager by Ivation

Call me a utilitarian, but I really think that the best course of action is frequently the one that benefits the most individuals. The greatest foot spa must offer alternatives that satisfy the broadest variety of tastes because feet (and their owners) are sensitive and specific about what feels good. That’s a brief overview of the Ivation Foot Spa Massager.

If you’re going to spend money on a foot bath, this spa is loaded with the features we believe are most crucial: adjustable heating, massage rollers, water jets, and a timer. Also, the control panel allows you to regulate each function separately rather of grouping some activities together—for example, other tubs combined the massage rollers and bubbles into a single function.

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Unlike conventional bathtubs where the massage rollers are rough or have protruding nodules, the Ivation bath includes ridged massage rollers on either side of the bath that are firmly woven together. Because of this, receiving a massage from the Ivation feels more like…well, a massage.

Foot Spa Massager price

The bath has a panel that shows the temperature in degrees Fahrenheit, allowing you to manage the heat. Some baths only have an on/off switch or no heat at all. The bath immediately warmed up to my desired temperature when I switched it on, and it was able to hold that temperature during my testing. The bath may be heated to a maximum of 122 degrees, but Dr. Miguel Cunha, a podiatrist and the creator of Gotham Footcare in New York City, advises keeping the temperature between 92 and 100 degrees, particularly if you suffer from any medical conditions that make you sensitive to heat. If you have diabetes, weak circulation, or are pregnant, you should avoid temperatures exceeding 100 degrees, he advises.

Because of the cleverly created splash guard that doubles as a handle, this bath is simple to transport whether it is filled with water or not.

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I chose to use a thick paper towel dipped in water and dish soap because the directions for this bath state to clean the interior of the basin with water and a light detergent after each usage. After thoroughly rinsing out the basin with soapy water, I wiped the interior with yet another towel. The Ivation was one of the easiest to clean because the textured bottom has enough space in between the bumps to swipe a paper towel across the bottom; other baths didn’t have this spacing so I glided over the bumps and shredded the paper towel in the process. I cleaned all the baths using this method because they all displayed similar instructions.

I requested four coworkers to test out my top four choices once I had reduced the list to that number. Three of them gave it excellent reviews. They all thought it was great. This bath was selected as the most relaxing by a coworker, who claimed that the massage rollers really cleaned the bottoms of her feet to make them feel smoother. The bath also includes a pumice stone, which you can use to soften calluses and remove dead skin by rubbing it around the heel, sole, and ball of the foot.

Although though the Ivation has more features than other baths on this list, it’s still simple to use and user-customizable, thus it’s only fitting to name it Best Overall.

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  • flexible heating
  • consists of massage rollers
  • The splash guard becomes a handle.


  • Nothing that we could locate

Conair Spa for Pedicures and Feet

The Conair is the best choice if you want to save money. The Conair achieves the high notes of an excellent foot spa for less than a third of the cost of our top selection, but with less nuance. The Conair includes a single button for vibration and heat, just as the Homedics. This alternative is the no-frills substitute for the more expensive alternatives without being a bucket because it lacks inserts, massage rollers, and bubbles (which we also tested; more to come on those). Unlike the HoMedics, the heat function didn’t really raise the bath’s temperature; rather, it did speed up the cooling process, losing just 11 degrees of heat in 25 minutes as opposed to a plastic bucket’s 16-degree loss.

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This is the most straightforward to clean of our choices because there are no friction-causing irregularities on the bottom surface that are nearly smooth and practically flat, no inserts to clean or massage rollers to avoid working around. Because the splash guard is detachable, it may be put aside and washed separately. The massage attachment on the Conair is located in the upper centre of the spa and is intended to apply more pressure to the foot when it is brushed against. Several others have comparable accessories, but we decided not to evaluate these in favour of concentrating on the bath’s key characteristics.


  • simple to clean
  • good value for money


  • Not a lot of heat function
  • lacks extras like bubble choices and massage rollers

Footbath HoMedics Bubble Spa Elite

Due to its “seagrass” inserts, the HoMedics foot bath stands out among the alternatives I examined. My coworkers and I appreciated how the rubber inserts in the bath, which are attached to the bottom to prevent moving or floating, tickled our feet as we moved them. I would buy myself this bath since it was the one I remembered the most.

This HoMedics foot spa costs roughly two-thirds less than the Ivation but offers fewer options and less customization. The heat booster and bubbles are controlled by a single button, so you cannot individually regulate them like you do with the Ivation. A digital thermostat is also absent from the HoMedics. Although you can’t control the temperature, you can increase the heat: The bath on my testing dropped from 106 to 103 degrees before I switched on the heat, then climbed to 107 degrees in approximately 13 minutes (a bit high for some people, per Cunha’s advise, but it felt pleasant to me). Although though the bath doesn’t specify vibration as one of its characteristics, when you click the button, a vibration appears along with the heat and bubbles.

This spa, or any bath for that matter, should not be overfilled because the water tends to jump out a little bit as the jets swirl. Be extra cautious if you have big feet since even if you fill below the maximum line, the water may rise significantly.

The replaceable components make this bath incredibly simple to clean. Because it has a handle, you can simply transport it to the sink, wash the inserts individually in soapy water, and then wipe the entire inside with a damp towel.

Foot Spa Massager features


  • foot insoles made of seagrass that are ticklish
  • less costly
  • simple to clean


  • No electronic thermostat
  • Heat and bubbles are controlled by a single button.

Foot massager by Kendal

The Kendal Foot Massager is a reliable solution that offers heat, bubbles, vibration, lights, and massage roller inserts. It is also simple to use. You can utilise all of the vibration, light, heat, and bubble settings simultaneously, but not any one setting separately or in any other configuration.

I enjoyed the strength of the bubbles on this bath because the bubble function on other baths, such the Sharper Image or PB Teen, either barely functioned or had no use other than to provide atmosphere. The Kendal’s bubbles had the effect of a relaxing massage.

You may place rollers in the bath’s bottom and rub your soles across them for a more vigorous massage. I didn’t enjoy using them though since when I was on the rollers, the tops of my feet protruded out of the water.

This bath’s bottom had a little sharper (but not painful!) texture than others, which caused my paper towel to tear when I cleaned it. The bath is simple to travel, rinse, and store aside from that.


  • robust bubbles
  • Simple to carry and rinse
  • comprises vibration


  • tall massage rollers

Professional-grade large foot tub from Lee Beauty

The “foot spa” in question is a posh bucket. It’s a great bucket for soaking your feet, though, as far as buckets go. The folding plastic legs and plastic floor of the collapsible silicone basin provide structure and stability as you use the bath. It’s surprisingly simple to move, fill, and carry. When I initially unwrapped it, I was afraid I would break it when popping it into form.

Its bathtub’s bottom feels smooth and pleasant on the feet, and the depth allows for soaking up to the ankle bones. Remarkably, the bath also maintained heat effectively, losing only four degrees after 25 minutes as opposed to 16 for the other bucket. Other tubs, especially those with heat features, are outperformed by the heat retention. This is an excellent alternative if you only want to soak your feet or prepare them for a DIY pedicure and have little storage space.


  • well-maintains heat
  • Collapses easily for storage


  • only suitable for soaking

The Carepeutic Heated Hydrotherapy Foot Bath

The firm known for its in-flight catalogue of eccentric luxury things, Hammacher Schlemmer, has this bath on their website, and I thought it would be the best foot spa ever. The temperature settings, water jets, and red lights all functioned the same as they did on the Prospera, but there are several variations between this model and that one. There are three massage rollers on each side as opposed to one on each side in the Prospera, and their texture is different (read: worse). My feet couldn’t handle the intensity and sheer number of massage rollers since they were so ticklish. Also, the Carepeutic is substantially more expensive, and I’m not sure why. You guessed it: I don’t suggest forking out the cash for this bath.

Foot Spa Massager


  • provides lower leg deep tissue massages.


  • The massage function can be too strong.
  • maybe too costly for what it provides

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