PlayStation VR From Where to Buy in USA and Uk.


With the release of the first PlayStation VR in 2016, Sony signalled its entry into the virtual reality industry. It was the first headset created for use with a gaming console, and no alternatives have arisen since.

Although the original PS VR is compatible with the PS5 (if you request the extra adapter), there has always been a hope that a follow-up will be created especially for the new gaming platform.

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In November 2022, the PlayStation VR 2 was formally unveiled, making that a reality. The main improvements include a new OLED screen, a larger 110-degree field of vision, support for 120 Hz, and 4K HDR. It’s a big update.

Here is all you need to know about purchasing the PlayStation VR2 in the US and UK now that the headset and initial batch of games are out.

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PlayStation VR2 price


VR of PC quality without a PC
Excellent spatial tracking; doubles as a huge virtual flatscreen for other content
Scripted Mode
If you have a PS5, the pricing is reasonable for the performance.
Outstanding sense controllers
high-resolution lenses


mediocre launch lineup
Cable is easily tripped over.
The headband may feel more upscale.
It is incompatible with PC and PSVR1 games.
Eye-tracking and headset rumbling appear to be underused features.
no headphones or speakers integrated
occasional troubles with ghost images
Poor battery life for controllers

where in the US one may get the PlayStation VR2

In several nations, pre-orders were restricted to the PlayStation Direct shop, and the US has not yet changed:

NBA Store

Purchase the $549.99 PlayStation VR2.
Purchase the $599.98 PlayStation VR2 with Horizon Call of the Mountain package.
where in the UK can I get the PlayStation VR2?

Likewise, you must currently proceed directly in the UK

Get a PlayStation VR2 (£529.99) now.
Purchase the Horizon Call of the Mountain with PlayStation VR2 package (£569.99).

In both countries, you’ll need to confirm you’re over 18 to buy one. Use your PlayStation Network account if you are requested to sign in.

Currently, the best PlayStation VR2 prices

Use our comparison widget below for the most recent pricing details:

When was PlayStation VR2 made available?


After being on sale, the PlayStation VR2 was introduced on February 22, 2023.

PlayStation VR2

What is the price of the PlayStation VR2?

The PlayStation VR2 is not only much more costly than its predecessor ($349/£349), but it also costs more than the PS5’s launch price ($499/£479).

You’ll still have to pay $549.99/£529.99, which is the suggested retail price set by Sony as of this writing. Included in that are the stereo headphones, two Sense controllers, and the headset itself.

One of the launch titles, Horizon Call of the Mountain, is included in a package that costs $599/£569. An extra $49/£39 is required to purchase a dock to charge the controllers.

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