Know The Honest Review About Sonos Sub Mini, Let’s Discuss The Pros and Cons of the Product.


Sonos Sub Mini: One of those really simple things, the Sub Mini is a Sonos subwoofer but is smaller than their other model. Also, it is more affordable and a great method to increase bass on a tight budget.

The drawback is that the Mini is intended to work with Sonos’s more affordable speakers in smaller spaces, so the better your current audio system, the less benefit you’ll receive from adding a Sub Mini.

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But, after testing the Sub Mini with three different Sonos soundbars, I believe Sonos Ray and Beam owners in particular would appreciate the substantial additional punch offered by this device.


  • The design is quite compact.
  • Simple setup
  • greatly increases the depth of Ray and Beam soundbars.


  • Adding little to larger speakers
  • a pricey addition

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Build and design
Sonos Sub Mini price
  • available in white or black
  • Not really “mini”

The Sub Mini has a straightforward appearance, but as soon as you hold it, you realise that it doesn’t quite live up to its moniker.

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This speaker may be smaller than the original Sonos Sub, but at 12 inches tall and 9 inches wide, it is by no means a little speaker; oddly enough, it is precisely the same height as a footlong sub.

If you’re not so lucky, you might have to put up with a very squat cylinder next to your TV for the foreseeable future. It fits beautifully into my square Ikea bookshelves.

It’s a simple design, at least, with just a single little LED and the speaker’s lone physical button on the front. It comes in black or white. The single distinguishing feature of the design, which can only be seen from the side, is the hollow centre where the twin woofers are placed facing one another. The ports are located at the bottom.
Given its size, you won’t be shocked to learn that it’s also rather hefty, but you won’t be carrying it around very much.



  • Bluetooth or Ethernet
  • instantly connects to additional Sonos speakers
  • There are Ethernet and Wi-Fi connections available here.

The Sub Mini just connects to your current Sonos network through Wi-Fi, with the option to also utilise a wired network connection. It does not really connect directly to any of your sound sources.
The Sub Mini can be quickly and easily added to your network; all you need to do is have the Sonos app downloaded and available on your phone, and a fast touch of your phone on the speaker via NFC will connect it to everything else.
The Sub Mini’s sole drawback is that it can only be used with other Sonos devices, making it impossible to use it as the subwoofer for any other sound system or soundbar.

Clever elements

  • Volume automatically adjusts for a particular speaker
  • specific EQ controls
  • Trueplay
  • The Sub Mini’s smart features largely revolve around how well it fits into the rest of your Sonos system.

You associate the Sub Mini with a particular speaker or room in your system after it is connected; most likely, this is a soundbar, though it should also work with any of Sonos’s static speakers (i.e. everything except the portable Move and Roam).

The main speaker’s volume will then adjust automatically with that of the Sub Mini. The Sub may be turned off at any moment without having to unpair it, and you can adjust the bass levels independently of the EQ of the main speaker if you wish to adjust things.

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Acoustic quality

  • adds a powerful boost
  • The smaller Sonos speakers work well with this.
  • Now that you know how the Sub Mini operates, how effective is it?

Uncomfortably, the solution will mostly rely on the speaker you choose to use with it. For “small to medium sized areas,” Sonos suggests the Sub Mini. It claims that it works best with the Ray and Beam soundbars, as well as the One and Symfonisk speakers.

A pair of 6″ woofers are used in the Sub Mini, and they are arranged in a force-cancelling configuration that helps to reduce distortion and vibrations. It basically implies that it adds tight, clear bass without any unwanted noise.

Sonos Sub Mini

Pricing and accessibility

The Sub Mini’s $429/£429/€499 pricing is what raises the biggest red flag. By purchasing this, Sonos’s envisioned Sub Mini is at least tripling the cost of their audio setup because that is more than either the Ray or Beam.
Most individuals who were prepared to spend that much money on a sound system probably would have just bought the Sonos Arc for $899, £899, or €999 instead.

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Even so, the Sub Mini is far less expensive than the $799/£799/€899 Sub (Gen 3), and if you already possess a Ray, Beam, or pair of even smaller Sonos speakers and are seeking to upgrade, adding a Sub Mini makes a lot more sense than throwing out your entire setup and switching to the Arc.

Is it worthwhile to spend hundreds of dollars only to increase the bass in the mix? Maybe. Perhaps not. Nevertheless, unless you currently have a contract with Sonos, you won’t be considering this. In that case, this is your best available alternative.

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