Get Good Amount Of Discount On A Purchase Of Galaxy S23, Read Full News To Get The Best Deal.


If you want to purchase one of Samsung’s new Galaxy S23 phones, the company offers a fantastic trade-in offer. Get a guaranteed £200 off an S23 or S23+ if you trade in another phone, functioning or not. Nonetheless, you may save up to £730 on an S23 Ultra, however the exact amount will depend on the model and condition of the trade-in.

The highest discount is available if you trade in a Galaxy Z Fold 4 or an S22 Ultra, the S23 Ultra’s predecessor. It will reduce the cost of the S23 Ultra by £630, but you can also trade in a Google Pixel 6 for a discount of £290 or a OnePlus 9 Pro for a discount of £340. There are a tonne more as well.

Galaxy S23

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Using the code S23SAVE at the checkout will still save you £100 off any S23, even if you don’t have a phone to trade in.

Nevertheless, if you are also exchanging something, you need also include the promo code S23BOOST to receive the additional trade-in discount.

To take advantage of this offer, you must order a phone from’s Galaxy S23 lineup before March 16th. Also, you’ll receive a 30% discount on a cover for your new phone and six months of Disney+ for free.

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This is how to redeem the offer:

Go to the website for the S23 or S23 Ultra phone that you want to buy.
Choose Yes. Please look under Trade In towards the top of the page.
Follow the instructions to choose the model, brand, and state of your previous phone.
Add the IMEI number, which may be found on the packaging your phone arrived in, the home screen of your phone, in the “about phone” settings, or by dialling *#06#.

Galaxy S23 price

Choose “Add Discount”

  • The discount should now be reflected; once you’ve bought your new smartphone,
  • package up your old phone and follow the instructions to trade it in.
  • Now choose the S23 phone’s colour, financing option, and optional accessories.
  • At the bottom of the page, click “Purchase Now.”
  • Choose any accessories you like.
  • Click Redeem coupons at the checkout, underneath the total, and enter S23SAVE and
  • S23BOOST if you’re trading in a phone.

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