Magic 5 Pro, Foldable Phone Know Here Top Advantages and Disadvantage. Before Make A Purchase.


The long-awaited Magic Vs folding phone from Honor is now available to customers outside of China, along with a brand-new regular flagship model called the Magic 5 Pro.

The Magic Vs made its debut in China in November of last year, but it wasn’t until the MWC trade exhibition in Barcelona that it was formally introduced in Europe.


The Magic Vs, the company’s second book-style foldable, is intended to function as as well while closed as it does when opened, much like the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4. Instead of a tablet you can carry about in your pocket, it’s a phone you can periodically open to get a larger.

In light of this, it features a hinge that closes totally flat and measures 12.9mm, which is about as thin as a foldable can be. Even better, the external display has a higher refresh rate of 120Hz while the inside panel is limited to 90Hz.

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Honor Magic 5 PRO’s benefits and pros

  • enormous virtual size The user has an incredible cinematic viewing experience on the 6.81-inch OLED LTPO touchscreen thanks to its high resolution, 91% screen to body ratio, and 1800 nits peak brightness.
  • The most recent Android 13 operating system features Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 – 4 nm Octa-core Qualcomm SM8550-AB A pleasant multitasking experience is provided by a CPU that has a 1 x 3.2 GHz Cortex-X3 and 2 x 2.8 GHz Cortex-A715 and 2 x 2.8 GHz Cortex-A710 and 3 x 2.0 GHz Cortex-A510.
  • Excellent for lag-free gaming and multitasking with 16GB of RAM.
  • A built-in fingerprint sensor increases user security and facilitates rapid access.
  • It may be used in all weather conditions due to its dust and water resistance (IP68 rating).
  • Beautiful triple primary HDR camera with LED flash that captures crystal-clear 8K films and HD images even in low light
    Great 12MP front-facing camera takes beautiful selfies.
    connection using infrared
    Face Unlock technology for safe transactions

Drawbacks of Honor Magic PRO

  • There is no FM radio.
  • Permanent battery
  • restricted memory

The Magic Vs has the specs to compete with non-folding flagships in its own right because to its high-end Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 processor and triple rear camera setup, which includes a 54MP primary camera, a 50MP ultrawide, and an 8MP 3x zoom.

Magic 5 Pro price

But, the Magic 5 Pro, which was unveiled in Barcelona for the first time globally, outperforms it in that regard. This more traditional flagship slab phone has a quad-curved OLED display, a back camera with three 50Mp lenses, and a Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 processor.

In all honesty, it appears to be a very generic flagship device, but Honor believes that the Magic 5 Pro’s camera and display will set it apart in a competitive market.

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The screen is a large 6.81-inch display with curved edges that uses LTPO OLED technology and can operate at refresh rates ranging from 1 to 120 Hz. Even a specialised display chip is included to support HDR and control video and gaming frame rates.

The camera has three lenses, each with an absurd name. The triple camera system known as the “Star Wheel” is situated on a “Gaudi Curve” slope away from the body of the phone in the “Eye of Muse” ring design.

The lenses are important. The three cameras, including the huge 1/1.12in primary camera with OIS, each have a 50Mp sensor. In truth, I lied. There’s still one more ridiculous term to come, with ‘Falcon Capture’ technology designed to capture images of moving targets without blur.

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Also, Honor has included various motion-based gesture controls on the phone, such as the ability to navigate by waving your hand or taking a screenshot by clenching your fist, but in my brief testing, they were just as needless and useless as you’d anticipate.

Together with the Pro, the standard Magic 5 was also made public. The same 8 Gen 2 processor, curved display, and triple back camera are all present, but with significantly less advanced lenses and sensors. It also has a comparable appearance.

Magic 5 Pro features

Wireless charging and the IP68 certification are the two biggest things you give up, along with simpler cameras.


The Magic 5 Lite, which we felt was a great-looking mid-range phone when we tested it but couldn’t quite stand out in a competitive market, was the phone that came before the Magic 5 and 5 Pro only last week.

Although the precise release date hasn’t been revealed, the Magic Vs should be available shortly for €1,599. Its price is €200 less than the Z Fold 4.

The 5 Pro will be available in Q2 (April to June) and will cost €1,199; the basic Magic 5 will cost less, at €899.

We’ll be putting the 5 Pro through its paces next week, and I’ll be evaluating the Vs foldable right now, so keep a watch out for my opinions on the phone shortly.

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