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Broadband is exactly as crucial to the majority of families as electricity, gas, and water. Surprisingly, a recent Uswitch study discovered that almost a third of British had never changed service providers.

According to the report, moving to a more affordable package could save the typical household £162 annually. And given the impending sharp price increase in April, that amount might exceed £200. You may save up to £240 over the normal two-year contract duration by finding a plan that is £5–10 less per month than what you are presently paying.

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And given those price increases, this is the ideal moment to switch and receive a better bargain.

When you don’t know how to switch, it might be tempting to stick with the same internet service provider.

But, it’s far simpler than you may imagine. To find out what’s available to you and to sign up, just use the tool below.

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If you’re reading this because you need really inexpensive broadband yet are on a tight budget, there are a few different options depending on where you reside. BT Home Basics, which costs £15 a month, is one choice.

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There is also Vodafone Broadband Basics, which costs £12 per month and is much more affordable.

Community Fibre’s Essential broadband is a third choice. This is more expensive ($12.50/month), but its maximum speed is just 10 Mbps. In contrast, BT and Vodafone’s packages have significantly wider availability and average speeds of about 38 Mbps.

You must show that you are qualified and receiving benefits or income assistance in order to take advantage of BT or Vodafone’s low-cost packages. With Community Fibre, however, such inspections are not necessary.

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Best Broadband in Uk

top broadband offers

These are all of this month’s top offers. Remember that you can’t just choose the one you like most. You must first determine whether the service is offered at your address. In the same town or city, coverage might differ. Actually, the precise street you live on will determine the speeds and providers that are accessible.

For this reason, you must enter your postcode and click “Check availability” to discover whether deals are applicable to you.

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How to choose a broadband plan and what to look for

While examining any agreement, you should ask the following questions:

  • What are the activation and setup costs? Can I activate somewhere for less money (or for free) and have the same speed and price each month?
  • How lengthy is the agreement? Avoid being committed for an extended period of time.
    Does the package include phone calls, TV, and/or other services in addition to just broadband? I already pay for other services, therefore may I combine them to save money?
  • Can my current supplier provide me a better deal? Calling to see whether they would match or beat a bargain you saw online might be worthwhile.

Does super fast broadband need a fee? Even large households may get by without full fibre and stream videos to numerous Screens without needing ultra-fast speeds. Keep in mind that to provide the highest internet speeds across your entire home, you’ll need exceptionally strong home Wi-Fi. If not, you will be paying for speeds that you won’t utilise. We have a comprehensive tutorial on how to speed up your home network.

A fiber-optic connection to your house is necessary for the majority of the fastest internet services. This is referred to by providers as “full fibre,” as opposed to “fibre,” which just extends as far as the cabinet in your neighbourhood.

A fiber-optic connection to your house is necessary for some of the fastest internet services. This is referred to by providers as “full fibre,” as opposed to “fibre,” which just extends as far as the cabinet in your neighbourhood.

Millions of houses are currently receiving full fibre, yet many locations are still not linked. But, Virgin has a sizable cable network that now provides gigabit speeds, so it’s a decent choice for people who reside in Virgin-served neighbourhoods.

The lower fibre broadband, which has a maximum speed of about 70–80 Mbps but may be as low as 30 Mbps, may be an option if you can’t get full fibre or Virgin. The majority of internet service providers provide two packages, one with download speeds of about 35 Mbps and the other with speeds of 70–80 Mbps. If there isn’t much of a price difference, choosing the quicker package is typically a better deal.

If fibre optics are completely unavailable or you don’t want to pay the premium, ADSL may be an option. The download speed of this will be roughly 20 Mbps or less; in certain remote regions, it may even be 5 Mbps.

The good news is that the monthly cost of broadband now includes the former line leasing fee. This means there are no sneaky super-cheap offers with a monthly surprise fee of around £20. The price you see is the amount you pay. Don’t assume, though, that all broadband plans come with a landline; some don’t.

Where can I find bargains on broadband?

These are all the major broadband providers in the UK in case you wish to shop around on your own for a deal.

Carphone Warehouse, BT Broadband Genie, and EE Plusnet
Sky TalkTalk Virgin Vodafone Broadband allegations about speed

The ASA released updated recommendations on internet speed claims in May 2018 that more accurately depicts the speed you may anticipate from the broadband bundle you select.

Research on how customers perceive broadband speed promises revealed that they are being deceived by internet service provider advertising, which led to the modification (ISPs).

The median download speed recorded during peak hours or over a 24-hour period must now be advertised by ISPs, as well as a range of download speeds accessible to consumers in the 20th to 80th percentile during peak hours or over a 24-hour period.

What broadband is the best?

This is a list of the 2022 broadband award recipients revealed by uSwitch:

  • Year’s Best Broadband Provider is BT
  • Best Internet Service Provider: BT
  • Supplier of Bundles of the Year: BT
  • Most popular Internet service provider: BT
  • Best Price Internet Service Provider: Now Broadband
  • Top Customer Service Provider: EE

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