Know Everything About Redmi Buds 4 Pro Before Making A Purchase.


In the past, Xiaomi’s affordable Redmi brand has produced some highly functional wireless earbuds, frequently with capabilities not seen in the sub-$100/£100 price range.

Now the business is back with its most recent product, which includes ANC and Hi-Res Audio at a price that is almost too good to be true. Why is there a catch? Well…

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Create & Build

  • new style
  • Lightweight
  • a relaxed fit
  • IP54

When the box is opened, a small, pill-shaped case for the Buds 4 Pro is seen. The case charges the earbuds and gets power through the USB-C socket on the bottom, as is customary these days. To pair the earbuds with your phone, press and hold the little button next to this.

To access the buds, which both fit securely in their housings, the hinged top piece of the device folds back. In contrast to other earbuds, they are simple to take off, and this year’s model differs little from the superb Redmi Buds 3 Pro they are replacing.

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Redmi Buds 4 Pro price

There was no stem with previous buds, but this time, He chooses short ones that come out of the bulbous section that houses the twin dynamic drivers that provide the sound. As a result, they act as a sort of middle ground between the Redmi 3 Pro and Xiaomi 3T Pro buds. On the exterior, there is a little flat strip that serves as the touch-sensitive area for the controls.

One of the three microphones that are installed in each bulb has an aperture on its upper part. The other two are located inside the speaker grill and in the bottom portion of the stem. They enable the voice assistant and ANC functionality, as well as call handling.

Even during prolonged listening periods, the earbuds are really pleasant to use and only weigh about 5g apiece. You may choose from three different rubber tip sizes to accommodate your ear, but I found that the medium ones that were already attached worked just well.


Sound Characteristics & Quality

  • sound quality is good
  • Mode for Immersive Sound
  • Compatible with Hi-Res Audio

As previously noted, the Redmi Bud 4 Pros include two drivers: a main dynamic driver made of aluminium alloy measuring 10mm and a secondary dynamic driver made of titanium measuring 6mm for handling higher frequencies. They demonstrate an amazing combination since they provide rich, detailed sound.

Bass frequencies never sound excessively boomy or fuzzy, but rather are present and rich. They won’t produce thunderous low-end if you’re seeking for it, but you generally won’t be buying earphones for that type of performance either.

Furthermore well-balanced, the mid- and treble-range tones avoid appearing too harsh or tinny. This is undoubtedly made easier by the specific 6mm driver for those places. The Buds 4 Pro are versatile enough to provide a very pleasurable listening experience for the majority of musical genres.

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Noise Cancelling Active

  • various ANC modes
  • modalities of dual transparency
  • triple noise-cancelling microphones

Although ANC is still a rare feature in this price range, the Redmi Buds 3 Pro and the current generation both have the technology built in.

There are two settings available right out of the box: transparent and noise cancelling. As you might expect, the first one makes advantage of the microphones to include background noise into the audio. This implies that even while music is playing, you should be able to hear if someone is speaking to you. Just remove one of the earbuds from your ear to react, and the proximity sensor will automatically halt the music until you put it back in.

Redmi Buds 4 Pro features


  • trustworthy touch controls
  • Switch between ANC modes quickly
  • In-app redefineable

You have access to a number of various touch-based controls, much as with any modern wireless earbuds. Play/pause tracks and answering incoming calls are controlled by double touching either bud. Depending on which bud you press, triple taps will skip tracks either forward or backward. The ANC modes may also be changed by touching and holding either bud.

Although the material is very simple, I thought the replies were great all along. A tap would seldom ever not function, and when it did, my hair was typically to blame.

Longevity of Batteries & Charging

  • battery life of nine hours (without ANC)
  • Battery life is 4-5 hours (with ANC)
  • Three charges may be stored in the charging case.

Xiaomi claims that a single charge would last up to nine hours of playing, however it should be noted that this is with the ANC turned off. I got around four and a half hours with it on, which is still pretty decent. Naturally, you may have longer or shorter intervals between recharges if you use different ANC settings or sometimes turn it off.

The best part of the case is that it has a fast charge feature that can recharge your dead earbuds to about two hours of listening (without ANC) after placing them in the case for about 10 minutes. The case itself can deliver about three full battery refreshes before requiring that you locate the power cable. For this functionality to function, the case must be at least 30% charged. Although it’s a little unexpected given that the previous generation featured the capability, the lack of wireless charging is fair given the price.

Cost and Availability

The Redmi Buds 4 Pro are really fairly cheaply priced at £84.99 (or roughly $97), with Xiaomi already giving offers at the time of writing that knocked another £10 off the asking price. With Hi-Res Audio and Adaptive ANC built in, you may expect that they would be beyond the $100/£100 mark.

Although I couldn’t locate a listing for them on the Xiaomi US website, given the availability of the previous Redmi Buds, it might just be a matter of time. There is always Amazon US, which did have them available for $99.99. When I checked for this review, AliExpress also had the buds available for US consumers, with a price tag of about $58; however, you’ll need to confirm import fees and shipping.

The Redmi Buds 4 Pro’s pricing puts them on pace with ANC-equipped competitors like the Samsung Galaxy Buds 2, which retail for £139/$149/€149 but may be obtained for less if you look around. There are also the Nothing Ear (1) and OnePlus Buds Z2 ($149/£99), but the latter are now a little less appealing due to a recent price rise to $149/$149.

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