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Printer MFC-J55330W: The most popular sort of all-in-one printers for home offices are A4 printers, but what if you also need something that can print on A3 paper?

The entry-level model of Brother’s MFC-J5 line of A4/A3 colour inkjet all-in-ones for 2022, the MFC-J5340DW, may be the one you’re looking for.


It is the replacement for the MFC-J55330W that we tested in the prior year.

The MFC-J5340DW is a home office multitasker that offers A4 and A3 printing in addition to many of the capabilities you’d expect to see on an all-in-one inkjet, like an ADF, scanner, and copier (automatic document feeder).

Because it has a colour touchscreen control panel, it is simple to use and manage from your desk. If you’re not there, you can still queue up print jobs remotely from your phone using the Brother Mobile applications.

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Wi-Fi is built-in, and Apple AirPrint is supported, making setup easy for users of Mac, iPhone, and iPad devices. There is also an Ethernet connector for individuals who desire a dependable wired network connection. The MFC-J5340DW has a USB 2.0 connector on the front, allowing you to print directly from flash drives.

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Create & Build
  • 17 kg of bulky, thick, single-sheet paper trays
  • automated paper feeder for 50 sheets

The Brother MFC-J5340DW resembles a little copy machine used in an office setting. That is to say, it is somewhat boxy but also has a utilitarian appearance due to its straightforward straight lines and rounded corners. A little tray for paper clips is the only item lacking.

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Most of the important features and functionalities are simple to locate. On the front, the Type-A USB connector, paper tray, and ink cartridge cradle handle are all prominently indicated, and it is obvious where to hold and remove the scanner cover on the sides.

Printer MFC-J5340DW price

The Ethernet and Type-B USB connectors are located beneath the scanner bed, thus their locations are less evident.

As you lift this up, you’ll discover that a cable gutter, which finishes in the upper right corner of the scanner bed, has been used to conceal the networking connections. This may affect where you set up this in your home office and/or need the purchase of longer cords.

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Yet, it is a wonderful addition because it prevents the wires from sticking out the rear and adding extra depth to your desk while also safeguarding the connections.

Although the copier and scanner beds are a tad on the heavier side, they are simple to use thanks to slow-close arms. Speaking of weighty, the MFC-J5340DW weighs a respectable 17kg on its own.

That’s quite heavy, but given that it’s packed into a cuboid measuring 305 x 530 x 398mm and has a large 250-sheet paper tray, it’s probably not surprising that it weighs more than the average all-in-one, which weighs less than 7kg and is comparable to the Epson EcoTank ET-3850 and the HP Envy Inspire 7220e.

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Nevertheless, the DCP-L3510cdw is much heavier, weighing in at a whopping 21kg, so this is not the heaviest printer Brother has ever produced.

It’s important to note that the scanner is an A4 rather than an A3 size. Long papers may be quickly scanned (and copied) using the automated document feeder, which can handle up to 50 A4 pages.

A manual-feed slot is located around the back of the device and allows you to enter single sheets, such as an envelope or other “special media,” without first taking out the whole contents of the main paper tray.

installing programmes, and wireless printing

  • The 2.6-inch touchscreen control panel is simple to operate.
  • Installing clip-in ink cartridges is simple.
  • You may print files stored locally or via the cloud using Brother mobile apps.

The MFC-touchscreen J5340DW’s control panel and well designed user interface make it simple to set up and use the device.

The menus for the Wi-Fi settings, ink levels, and general settings are constantly pinned to the bottom of the screen regardless of which of the three home screens you are viewing. You may also make your own shortcuts, and there are built-in Back, Home, and Cancel soft buttons in case you ever get lost.

In the initial step of the setup procedure, which takes around ten minutes, you remove the ink container panel, clip in the cartridges, and insert a single A4 page in landscape orientation into the manual feed slot.

Place the printout on the scanner glass when the nozzle and print alignment checks are finished, and the MFC-J5340DW will do a brief test to ensure the scanner is functioning properly. You may now connect the printer to your home network after that.


  • Photo printing on glossy 10x15cm (4x6in) paper takes around one minute. Plain text on
  • A4 at 300dpi may be scanned in about five seconds.
  • Suitable printouts when the quality setting is Normal.

The MFC-J5340DW prints text and photos swiftly, and the results in Normal mode are decent. However, if you want to truly wow someone, up up the quality a notch; just be sure to keep a watch on your ink levels.

Typically, inkjet printers print more slowly than laser printers, however the MFC-J5340DW was able to print 20 sheets of plain text on A4 in little under 42 seconds (41.86s), or 28.66 pages per minute (ppm). The type of performance you’d typically associate with a laser printer is truly astounding.

Naturally, text with colour images ran a little slower, but only little, with my 20-page test file appearing after 49.84s (equivalent to 24.07ppm).

20 A3 pages of text and colour photos took longer to print—1 minute 34.58 seconds—than 20 A3 pages of plain text, as you might anticipate, taking 49.84 seconds (or 24.07 ppm) (or 12.68ppm).

The 20 page plain text file printed on 10 sheets of A4 in 52.50 seconds (or 22.85 ppm) for duplex printing, and in 1 minute and 22.23 seconds (or above) for single-sided printing (or 19.92 ppm).

Given the output’s high quality (well-defined serifs, no bleeding, and nearly dry sheets as they emerge), this is fantastic progress and is encouraging if you need to print many letters or documents quickly. Similar to the HP Envy Inspire 7220e, the brighter colours on the pie charts (especially the blues) have a tiny grainy feel, although it’s not overly obvious.

Standard for inkjet printers, photos printed on glossy 10 x 15cm (4 x 6in) picture paper took around 55 to 55 seconds to complete.


Cost and availability

On Brother’s website, the MFC-J5340DW costs $249.99 and is currently in stock. Directly from Brother, it costs £274.80 for customers in the UK. On Brother’s Australian website, the printer is listed, but as of this writing, there is no MSRP.

Amazon (£226.80), Cartridge People (£224.90), Printerbase (£238.76), Scan (£244.99), and Viking Direct (£226.80) are other retailers in the UK that offer the MFC-J5340DW.

Outside of Brother, it’s difficult to locate the MFC-J5340DW in the US, however Connection was charging $296.91, which was more than Brother. Your best option is to purchase straight from Brother because it was out of stock at the time of our review.

In Australia, no retailers are currently carrying the MFC-J5340DW, therefore if you’d like to purchase one, get in touch with Brother directly.

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