IRCTC’s Upcoming Voice-Based E-Ticket Booking: A Leap Towards Digital India


IRCTC E-Ticket Booking: Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation (IRCTC), which is in charge of tourism and selling tickets, is going to add a new way to book tickets. Voice-based e-ticket booking will soon be available through IRCTC. This will make it easier and faster to book reserved tickets online. Sources told ET Now that IRCTC is currently pilot testing the feature on its AI (Artificial Intelligence) platform called “Ask Disha.” The latest feature of the Ask Disha platform, “Digital Interaction to Seek Help Anytime,” is that customers will be able to use voice commands throughout the entire online ticket booking process.

Availability of IRCTC’s voice-based e-ticket booking service:

The report also says that the first part of the test seems to have gone well. IRCTC should take a few more steps soon before rolling out the feature. According to the report, IRCTC may add voice-based ticket booking powered by AI to the Ask Disha online ticket booking platform within the next three months. Ask Disha is a programme made by IRCTC to answer questions from passengers. It can be found on the official website of IRCTC.

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Ask Disha’s voice-based e-ticket booking: How will it help users?

At the moment, customers can use an OTP verification log-in to book tickets and get help with other services from Ask Disha. To use this feature, users don’t need to sign in with their IRCTC UserID and password. It is also expected that the AI-powered e-ticketing feature will improve IRCTC’s backend infrastructure. This feature will also make it possible for IRCTC to sell more online tickets per day.
IRCTC worked with a Bengaluru company called CoRover Pvt. Ltd. to make the Ask Disha platform. In October 2018, IRCTC gave users a platform for booking tickets using AI.

Key features of Ask Disha 2.0

With the help of IRCTC’s chatbot Ask Disha 2.0, people will be able to book tickets on the next version of the platform for booking tickets. Customers can use either text or voice commands to book tickets with Ask Disha 2.0.

Customers will also be able to cancel their tickets and check on the status of their refunds through Ask Disha 2.0. Users can also use the platform to ask the chatbot about the status of their PNR.


Aside from this, Ask Disha 2.0 will also let people change where they get on the train and where they get off. IRCTC also has an AI-powered chatbot that travellers can use to preview, print, and share their train tickets. On Ask Disha 2.0, people can also get answers to questions they have about the train ride. IRCTC’s chatbot Ask Disha 2.0 lets passengers ask questions in both English and Hindi.

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