For Smart Homes Here is Top 5 Smart Light Switches.


Sick of looking all over for the light switch? A smart light switch may transform your outdated home into the futuristic home of the future by enabling hands-free voice control utilising contemporary conveniences like smart speakers and assistants. Together with smart dimmers, smart switches may be used for lighting, but the majority of them are also compatible with electric fireplaces, bathroom fans, ceiling fans, humidifiers, and trash disposals.

The Lutron Caséta Smart Switch ($59.95 at Amazon) is without a doubt the greatest smart light switch you can get. Despite the fact that a hub is needed, it offers a tonne of variety, including support for single-pole or three-way light switches (when used in conjunction with Lutron’s Pico Remote), compatibility with all three main smart assistants, and useful smart features like geofencing. A fantastic single-pole alternative for people on a budget is the Geeni TAP Smart Light Switch (sold at Amazon). There are, however, a lot of other excellent choices available.

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Caséta smart switch by Lutron (PD-6ANS)

Smart Light Switch Kasa

One of the top brands in smart home lighting is Lutron, and this smart light switch is the finest there is. We often dislike systems that require a hub because of the added expense, but Lutron’s lighting system is worthwhile. This is why: That was the simplest to set up and install. It is wired as a single-pole switch, but when used with Lutron’s Pico remote, it may function as a three-way switch. Alexa, Google Assistant, and Siri voice commands are also quickly and effectively executed.

The 120-volt switch works with LED, incandescent, and halogen bulbs, unlike some switches, and may be used for ceiling and exhaust fans in addition to lights. The Lutron app is packed with useful smart home features, including geofencing (unusual for smart switches), scheduling, and scenarios, all of which function effectively. The fact that this switch supports a wide range of well-known smart home platforms including Sonos, Samsung SmartThings, Ring, and IFTTT is another incentive to buy it. Even better, an Apple Watch can control your full Lutron Caséta lighting system. To assist you in creating a more connected home, Lutron also offers a comprehensive line of smart home accessories including smart dimmers and outdoor smart plugs.

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The light switch needs a neutral wire, but if you don’t have one in your house, you might want to choose the Lutron Caséta Smart Dimmer, which also functions as an on/off switch but doesn’t need one. (Because the light switch is capable of handling a greater electrical load than the dimmer, we only advise using the dimmer with lights and not exhaust/ceiling fans or other outlets that could use excessive amounts of electricity.)

Even though many switches don’t support it, two-factor authentication is a privacy feature that helps keep your account private and is absent from the Lutron app despite all of its other fantastic features. As was already indicated, there is an additional expense to consider because the switch requires a Lutron Pico remote control or a Lutron Caséta Smart Bridge to function. But, this system is quite user-friendly and, unlike other switches, interfaces with a variety of smart home platforms, making the extra money well spent if you’re looking for whole-house smart lighting.

  • Geofencing
  • Utilizes Siri, Google Assistant, and Alexa
  • Several smart home ecosystems are supported


  • Hub necessary

Smart Light Switch Kasa

Leviton Decora Wi-Fi Smart Switch (second-gen) price

Kasa is no stranger to dependable smart home products, offering anything from smart plugs and light switches to interior security cameras. We have been using the TP-Link Kasa smart light switches for over a year, and we can vouch for their responsiveness in both the Kasa app and when activated using voice commands from Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa. The ability to view the current and cumulative runtimes, broken down by day, week, and month, in the Kasa app is one of the switch’s most distinctive features.

Yet, there are a few drawbacks to this switch. The Kasa app does not support two-factor authentication for greater account security, and the switch occasionally goes offline at random (but always manages to reconnect itself). Also, the switch doesn’t support Apple HomeKit, so if Siri is your preferred smart assistant, have a look at the other alternatives in our guide.


Kasa’s works for single-pole switches and requires a neutral wire like other switches. The software, which is compatible with iOS and Android, includes functions including timers, scheduling, away mode, and remote control.


simple installation
works with Google Assistant and Alexa
data on the entire runtime breakdown


Lacks two-factor authentication in the app
occasionally randomly disconnects
No Siri assistance

Smart Light Switch Geeni TAP

Smart Light Switch Geeni TAP

We offer the value-packed Geeni TAP Smart Light Switch if you simply require one or two switches. With smart assistants like Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and Microsoft Cortana, it offers hands-free voice control. This single-pole switch ensures a solid connection and is simple to install. The only companion app we evaluated that enables two-factor authentication, a crucial privacy feature that enhances the security of your smart home, is Geeni’s.

The switch may be grouped with other Geeni products for simple home automation, and the app includes helpful functions like scheduling, remote control, and grouping. The connections on the load box were well indicated, so installing the switch, which can take 120 volts, was a breeze. A 2.4 GHz internet connection is necessary for use, as is the case with the majority of smart switches. Even though Geeni makes a three-way switch, it does not function as one. It needs a neutral wire and is only intended to control one light.

Now for the drawbacks: Geeni’s switch has a cheap appearance and feel, but that is to be expected when purchasing a switch at a low cost. We don’t advise it for Apple smart homes because it isn’t Siri compatible. Yet, the Geeni TAP switch is a fantastic value if you require a durable smart light switch with remote control, solid security features, and connection with Alexa and Google Assistant.


  • Simple to install
  • Two-factor authentication is available in the app and works with Alexa and Google
  • Assistant.


  • No Siri assistance

Gosund SW5 Smart Switch for Lighting

Gosund SW5 Smart Switch for Lighting

The Smart Light Switch from Gosund functions well for voice control and remote administration via Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa (but no support for Siri). It is an easy, affordable smart switch that just takes a few minutes to install.

The software is well-designed and functions well on iOS and Android. You may use scheduling tools like timers and a countdown in the Gosund app, which turns off the lights after a certain period of time. Although two-factor authentication is not supported by the app, verification tokens are given when you create an account and whenever you reset your password.

On the negative side, the switch’s components seem flimsy. Be delicate while installing, since the provided wall plate feels particularly thin and like it could shatter when being removed. Also, the looks may use improvement. Each switch plate has a large area on the bottom covered in the garish Gosund emblem. Use your own switchplate for a more understated appearance and feel.

In conclusion, this light switch is not only inoffensive but also unremarkable.


  • works with Google Assistant and Alexa
  • Simple\sReliable


  • Materials are subpar.
  • Lacks two-factor authentication in the app
  • No Siri assistance

Leviton Decora Wi-Fi Smart Switch (second-gen)

Leviton Decora Wi-Fi Smart Switch (second-gen)

The latest Decora switch from Leviton consolidates all functions into a single switch for hands-free voice control with Siri, Google Assistant, and Amazon Alexa. The switch needs a neutral wire and is suitable for single-pole or three-way setups. You may, however, add the wire-free DAWSC Anywhere Switch Companion for an extra fee. The companion switch is an excellent addition for rooms in the house without suitable wiring, such as a hallway or the bottom of a staircase.

It’s helpful that the switch is a little bit smaller than other smart switches if your in-wall electrical box is packed. We had no trouble connecting it with all three smart assistants, and the installation process itself was quick and simple. During our testing, the switch unexpectedly lost connection after a good configuration and had to be reconnected numerous times.


  • Use Siri, Alexa, and Google Assistant
  • great construction
  • slender than alternative switches


  • sometimes unstable connection

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