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The newest Elevate soundbar from Vizio has been released, joining the company’s flagship soundbar as another model with rolling speakers (this time on the interior of the bar). The new M-Series Elevate (offered at Best Buy for $599.99) has many of the finer features of its higher-end predecessor, including immersive sound enhanced by genuine Dolby Atmos. Wi-Fi, rear height channels, and the bundled subwoofer are all no longer available. Nonetheless, Vizio’s junior Elevate soundbar is still worthwhile to take into account at a $300 savings.

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-Detailed, engrossing audio
-Outstanding Dolby Atmos
-Innovative style


-need work to fine-tune
– WiFi

A description of the Vizio M-Elevate Soundbar

Below are the major specifications of the system:

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  • Dimensions are as follows: 9.57 x 7.88 x 13.78 inches, 2.59 x 41.38 x 4.73 inches (bar) (subwoofer)
  • 8.69 pounds (bar) and 8.88 pounds (sub)
  • speakers/drivers: five.75-inch tweeters (soundbar), two 2-inch full-range drivers (rear channels), two 2.3-inch dual drivers (left/right channels), one 2.6-inch dual driver (centre), and one 6-inch subwoofer driver (subwoofer)
  • Exaggeration: Not mentioned
  • Bluetooth wireless connection (no Wi-Fi)
  • One HDMI eARC/ARC, one HDMI input, one digital optical input, one 3.5mm auxiliary input, one 3.5mm stereo input, and one USB input are available for wired connections.
  • Dolby Atmos, Dolby Digital Plus, Dolby TrueHD, DTS:X, and DTS Virtual: X are examples of sound formats.
  • 4K HDR/Dolby Vision passthrough is supported for video.
  • The M-Series Elevate may be installed with little difficulty. It is equipped with a wide range of connectors, including HDMI ARC/eARC, optical and 3.5mm inputs, and an HDMI input. The majority of users (and those who wish to use Dolby Atmos) will just want to connect the system using the included HDMI cable to the HDMI ARC or eARC connector on their TV.

Vizio M-Elevate Sound-bar. features

The rear speakers, which are wired directly to the system’s subwoofer, are the only installation peculiarity worth mentioning. This implies that if you have a peculiar and/or challenging room arrangement, your sub may need to be placed in the rear of your listening area.

What we enjoy

-futuristic, sleek style

The P-Series, also known as The Elevate soundbar, was the first product in Vizio’s Elevate soundbar family, and it attracted attention for its avant-garde styling. The soundbar’s height channels visually rotate upward to project the resulting three-dimensional sound when an Atmos signal is recognised. Then they fold back down so that even more speakers can blast sound into the audience’s listening position for ordinary material like music or your typical comedy.

Vizio made changes to the M-Series version’s appearance in an effort to achieve something a touch more understated. Right and left port tubes will now protrude from the corresponding ends of the bar when Atmos is on deck, and the speakers will roll upward internally. The tubes will be tucked away, waiting for their next chance to bounce frequencies off your ceiling, when the height channels are oriented forward.

Which is more distracting to your viewing experience—spinning speakers or sliding tubes?—really depends more on your own preferences. Leaving that aside, there’s no disputing that witnessing the soundbar change before your eyes as you’re enjoying your fill of 3D audio is a delightfully surreal experience.

The absence of a digital display on the front of the soundbar is the one Vizio design choice that hasn’t won me over. The convenient remote that comes with the box will get you where you need to go most of the time, but it would be good to see which input or EQ the soundbar is set to rather than having the bar announce it loudly and noisily every time you make a change.

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Detailed, immersive soundstage

Dolby Atmos is now in high demand, and rightfully so. Still, well-done surround sound is something to see, especially in a time when so many Dolby Atmos soundbars are available without a set of back speakers. Imagine my grin from ear to ear when I finished the M-Series Elevate setup, made a few (well, a few) settings adjustments, triggered the Wakanda battle from Avengers: Infinity War, and then let the system do its thing.

I couldn’t control my excitement as Stormbreaker boomeranged its way around my living room as Thor made his big entry to the battlefield and unleashed his powerful axe on a swarm of ignorant alien minions. Nearly enough to convince me to buy it right then and there was the accuracy with which this divine weapon moved, both on the screen and from speaker to speaker across the room.

Vizio M-Elevate Sound-bar. price

Do you want to purchase it?

Yeah, but first think about your possibilities.

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Most of what makes the more costly P-Series system a value is available in the M-Series Elevate. It achieves a degree of cinematic immersion uncommon in this price range by fusing a distinctive appearance with outstanding performance. Also, it has impressive Dolby Atmos capabilities at a cost that easily places it as a desirable mid-tier alternative in the 3D-audio market.

The largest absence, in our opinion, is Wi-Fi and Chromecast streaming, especially considering that the earlier, flagship model of this soundbar included both functions. The frequently mentioned P-Series Elevate is frequently on sale, and if you can locate it for a price that’s comparable to the newer model, it’s the obvious bar to get.

The Vizio M-Series 5.1.2 offers greater bass (for a lower price), but, like the M-Series Elevate, you’ll lose Wi-Fi connectivity by choosing this option, and it’s not as immersive as either of the more expensive bars. There are quite a few additional excellent Dolby Atmos soundbars available in different versions and pricing ranges.

The M-Series Elevate is a very worthy alternative to take into consideration when wanting to include immersive, Atmos-enhanced sound into your home setup, but, if the buck doesn’t stop at Wi-Fi.

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