Apple Addresses iPhone 15 Overheating Concerns, Citing Software and App Issues


Apple Inc. has responded to recent reports that some iPhone 15 models are having problems with getting too hot. The tech giant made it clear that the issue is caused by bugs in software and apps, stressing that it is not a physical problem. Apple tells users that fixes are on the way, such as a new software update coming soon.

The Root Causes-iPhone 15 Overheating Concerns

Apple said that the heat that some users felt during the first few days of setting up or restoring their data was caused by more activity in the background. There is a bug in the current version of iOS 17 that causes this strange behavior. Additionally, some third-party apps have been found to be adding to the system overload, which causes the device to heat up more.


Collaborative Efforts with Developers-iPhone 15 Overheating Concerns

It’s been brought to Apple’s attention that the app makers are working together to fix the problem. Fixes are being worked on and will be available soon. Notably, Instagram, Uber’s app, and Asphalt 9 were named as the villains. On September 27, Instagram already put in place a fix.

Hardware Design and Dissipation-iPhone 15 Overheating Concerns

Apple says that the overheating problem is not caused by the physical changes made to the iPhone 15 Pro line, such as the titanium frame and the A17 Pro chip, which has better graphics for games. The new design actually betters the old stainless steel models at getting rid of heat.

No Impact on Performance or Safety-iPhone 15 Overheating Concerns

Apple tells iPhone users that the worry about boiling won’t affect the iPhone’s long-term performance or safety. In addition, the upcoming software update will not slow down the engine speed of the newest models.


Clarification on Charging-iPhone 15 Overheating Concerns

The problem with burning has nothing to do with USB-C charging, which is built into the newest models. Apple does warn, though, that using a charging charger with more than 20 watts of power could cause the device to get warm for a short time.

Closing Remarks-iPhone 15 Overheating Concerns

Apple is working hard to fix the problems that hundreds of iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max users have reported that their devices are getting too hot. It’s likely that an iOS 17 software update will be released soon, but the exact date and version number have not been announced yet. In the meantime, iPhone users can look forward to soon having a better and cooler experience.

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