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Best Alarm Clocks: Depending on how you sleep, you might need a piercing alarm or a quiet alarm that wakes you up gradually. There is an alarm clock that can wake you up consistently and successfully regardless of how much or little you sleep.

The founder of Menlo Park Psychiatry and Sleep Medicine, Alex Dimitriu, MD, stated that light sleepers may prefer as little interruptions and artificial lights as feasible. Deep sleepers can prefer a loud or gradually loud alarm that also has light or a sunrise simulator to help them get out of their deep sleep.

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As a licenced sleep science consultant and sleep scientist, I regularly test things to determine if they help enhance sleep. For three days apiece, the Insider Reviews crew evaluated more than ten alarm clocks for this guide. We examined their dependability and usability. The remainder of the guide contains more details about our testing procedures.

1. Best overall

Best overall

  • Alarm style: Sound
  • Number of alarms: 30
  • Weekday/weekend alarm setting: Yes
  • Snooze duration: 9 minutes
  • Battery backup: Yes

Pros: multiple alarms, two wake-up alarm styles, a constantly expanding content collection Wireless speaker for your device that plays music

Cons: uses WiFi to update the system continuously

The Loftie’s two-phase alarm system distinguishes it from other alarm clocks. The first alarm is a pleasant tone that aids in a gradual awakening of my body and mind. The second song is louder and it wakes me up. This technique works well to decrease sleep inertia (morning grogginess).

Loftie has gotten more noises, alerts, and other features since it first came out. It functions as a Bluetooth speaker, white noise generator, and sleep timer. The device allows you to set several alarms and select the sounds you wish to wake up to. It is easy to operate because there are only three buttons at the top.

The Loftie was created to help you kick the habit of scrolling through your phone before bed and in the morning. I preferred listening to the Loftie’s included breathing exercises, sound baths, and bedtime stories over checking social media just before bed. The display automatically dims when night falls, and a soft, programmable nightlight is provided by a warm amber glow.

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The needed Loftie app must be downloaded in order to set the clock (available for iOS or Android). Until an update is required, you can do everything on the device and avoid using the app.

Overall, the Loftie performed a great job of waking me up every morning promptly and in the most pleasant manner.

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2. Best for heavy sleepers

Best for heavy sleepers

  • Vibration, sound, or combined types of alarms
  • There are two alarms.
  • Day/Night Alarm Setting: No
  • Sleep time: 1 to 30 minutes
  • Backup batteries: Yes

Pros: Dependable vibration with a choice of sound setting

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Cons: You can’t set alarms for specific days exclusively, they won’t be a soft wake-up, and they might wake up your partner.

The Sonic Bomb Extra-Loud Alarm Clock uses a potent vibration in conjunction with its puck-shaped shaker to make sure you awaken on time. That won’t softly awaken you because it is so abrupt.

For those who have developed the ability to sleep through sound alarms or who are hard of hearing, vibration alarms may be a good option. When your alarm goes off, you’ll experience a strong buzz because you placed the puck under your mattress. I could feel the alarm vibrating on the other side of the bed even through my very thick mattress. Also, I could hear the sound of it shuddering. This isn’t a fantastic solution if you’re trying to avoid waking up your mate.

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The Sonic Bomb alarm clock is fairly adjustable for a low cost device. You can select a combination of vibration and sound or only the vibration. The buzzer’s tone can be changed, and the flashing lights can be turned on or off.

Also, you may alter the length of the snooze, which is something you might not always find on alarm clocks of a similar price.

One major problem is that if you don’t want a weekday alarm to go off on the weekend, you have to remember to switch between the two alarms. Although you can set them to go off every day, there is no way to set the alarms for specific days.

3. Best option with a loud alarm

Best option with a loud alarm

  • Alarm style: Sound
  • Two alarms total
  • Setting of weekday/weekend alarms: Yes
  • Sleep time: 9 minutes
  • Battery backup is present, using button cells.

Pros: Big, easily readable time display; Bluetooth functionality; handy USB port

Cons: The time display cannot be turned off altogether.

The alarm sound of the Emerson SmartSet clock radio gradually intensifies to a level that will awaken even deep sleepers. Heavy sleepers should have a loud alarm clock placed “far from the bed stand so they would have to get up and walk over to switch it off,” according to sleep specialist Alex Dimitriu, MD.

Moreover, your preferred FM radio station may gradually rise in volume as you awaken. You can set two alarms for every day of the week, every weekend, or every day of the week.

Large, distinct, and simple to read is its gorgeous cyan LED time display. A button on the device’s top switches on and off a faint cyan nightlight. A USB charging port and a Bluetooth speaker are additional features. Although the sound quality is good for an alarm clock, you can’t utilise the speaker to wake up to your own music.

The buttons are near the top of the gadget, making it simple to navigate. One problem I experienced with this alarm clock was that I couldn’t adjust the alarm while Bluetooth music was playing. You must first turn off the radio or other music in order to set the alarms or modify other settings.

Also, while the clock display can be dimmed but not completely turned off, the nightlight can be fully turned on or off. For those who enjoy a large time display, a stunning cyan glow, and a loud alarm, the Emerson SmartSet is still a terrific gadget.

4. Best for time projection

Best for time projection

  • Alarm style: Sound
  • Two alarms total
  • Setting of weekday/weekend alarms: Yes
  • Sleep time: 9 minutes
  • No battery backup

Pros: Time and temperature projection device that is simple to use and has an AUX audio input

Cons: There are just three brightness levels, no Bluetooth or WiFi connectivity, and only one alarm sound choice.

The Magnasonic alarm clock has a projector for easy viewing and is stylish and simple to set up. It has a blue LCD display that makes the time, day of the week, and indoor temperature clearly visible.

An adjustable projector that shows these statistics on the wall or ceiling is another option. When you want complete darkness, an auto dimmer switches off the monitor and light projector. You can programme two alarms, and the built-in buzzer or your preferred AM/FM radio station will wake you up.

A backup battery, sleep and nap functions, and an AUX audio port for listening to music are additional features. Nevertheless, you cannot wake up to AUX audio.

You can choose to set your alarm for Monday through Friday, only the weekend, or for one specific day. Although it is a conventional alarm clock, the sound is not jarring or intrusive. Instead, a progressively louder sound gradually awakens even deep sleepers. For light sleepers like me, this alarm clock provides dependability without being overly harsh.

Compared to other alarm clocks, the Magnasonic alarm clock misses a few nice-to-have features, such as Bluetooth connectivity and more alarm sound options. Moreover, it would be wonderful if the display dimmer had more brightness settings than just three. Overall, the Magnasonic is dependable, user-friendly, and practical.

5. Best for kids

Best for kids

  • Style of alarm: sound, light, or both
  • There are 10 alarms.
  • Setting of weekday/weekend alarms: Yes
  • Yes, the device has a battery backup and can function for eight hours without power.

Pros: Has a variety of uses, including acting as a monitor and a noisemaker for toddlers and older children.

Cons: costly, requires WiFi, and a smartphone app

The Hatch Rest+ is a multifunctional gadget that serves as an alarm, nightlight, monitor, and white noise generator. It can also be used as a first alarm clock by older children.

Adults can programme the Rise+ to change colour when it’s okay for kids to get out of bed for toddlers who get up early. Alicia Betz, a contributor to Insider Reviews, likes this function that many parents rely on. So as not to disturb anyone who is still asleep, you can turn off the sound. A mix of music and light can assist gently awaken children at the appropriate time when they get a bit older and need to get up for school.

Despite the device’s high price, it does come with a wonderful library of white noise and other calming sounds to aid in children’s sleep. The light can serve as both a nightlight and a signal to them that it is time to begin winding down for the day. It is portable and guaranteed to function even if the power goes off at night thanks to its backup battery. The Rest+ also features a two-way audio monitor, enabling you to communicate with and listen to your kids even while they are in their rooms.

Some of the capabilities need an app to be used, but kids simply tap the gadget to switch it on and cycle through their preferred settings. The Rest+’s 10 applications can alert users when it’s time for a nap, to brush their teeth, etc. To prevent young children from changing the light’s colour before it’s time to wake up, the app has a toddler-lock option.

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