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There is a good reason why a blowout at a salon seems so opulent. Not only do you receive some pampering for around 30 minutes, but you also leave with a fashionable look that you can wear for at least a few days. Nevertheless, if you’re anything like me, regular salon blowouts just aren’t in the budget, and poor hand-eye coordination makes it difficult for me to use a hair dryer and brush at the same time. Read: No matter how hard I try, I can never get my hair straight and lustrous; it always looks bloated and feels like straw. I’m sure I’m not the only one.

But fortunately, there’s a kind of hair tool that seems to have been created specifically for me: spherical brushes that also function as hair dryers. Here are the top hair dryer brushes for your priceless hair.

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Weird Bed Head Blow Out

Weird Bed Head Blow Out

The bristles on the Bed Head One-Step Hair Dryer are its most notable feature. Due to their extreme flexibility, combing through both dry and knotted wet hair is a snap. Also, it has a wonderful weight that is both light enough to be held for extended periods of time and hefty enough to create enough tension in the hair as the brush is pulled through it.

This brush’s larger-than-average barrel size makes it challenging to handle with little hair pieces, which is a drawback. This would not be an issue for someone with longer, thicker hair, but because I unintentionally picked up extra hair when trying to style in little pieces, it made it difficult for me to style my mid-length hair. After 15 minutes, the final product was wearable but a little fluffier than I’d prefer.



  • a balanced frame
  • Hair is properly detangled and looks good


  • Too big a barrel

75mm L’ange Le Volume

75mm L'ange Le Volume

The L’ange Hair Le Volume 2-in-1 is the appliance I found to be most beautiful. The brush has a matte black, silky smooth substance for the handle and a lovely rose gold for the barrel. For those of us who store our hair accessories in our vanities or for anybody who travels, it also includes a sleeve for the barrel to help protect the bristles while not in use, unlike some other brushes. Using this, you’ll feel as though you’re utilising a high-end gadget, despite its average price.

Very enjoyable was the styling process. I didn’t have any issue manoeuvring the brush’s bristles through either dry or wet hair because it was pleasant to grasp. In the end, I was able to attain a straight style because I was able to create the proper tension. It took me longer than I anticipated—18 minutes—to perfect the style since the airflow seemed weaker than other brushes I tested. Yet over time, the overall appearance resembled that of the top two dryers, which were faster.


  • a comfortable grip
  • include a brush cover
  • attractive appearance


  • slower hair drying

Two Shot Oval Blow-Dryer Brush by Drybar
Two Shot Oval Blow-Dryer Brush by Drybar price

One of the hair drying brushes I tested that dried hair the quickest was the Drybar Double Shot. I credit the fantastic air flow of the brush for my hair drying entirely in roughly 11 minutes. I’m constantly pressed for time, so even a minute more would be appreciated.

It wasn’t, however, merely quick. The brush was one of the few hair drier brushes that made my hair as smooth as I prefer it to be, possibly as a result of its unusually high temperature, which we measured in second place after the Revlon at 197.6°F. The brush comfortably handled both dry and damp hair.

I was able to control the brush and obtain the ideal tension required for a straight style because of its weight and comfortable grip. It is difficult to move the brush because it is heavier and longer than the Revlon and other brushes, especially when you grow acclimated to the tool.



  • Hair dries quickly
  • superb airflow
  • balanced frame
  • attractive appearance


  • arduous to control

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