5 Best Water Bottles For Your Kids, Read Full News To The Reviews.


Children frequently become extremely thirsty. It is crucial to get a reliable reusable water bottle for both school and sports.

The Yeti Rambler (available at Yeti) won our competition to determine the best water bottle for kids out of ten bottles we evaluated because to its robust design, excellent ability to keep liquids cool, and easy-to-clean features. Also, it performed the best after two years of longevity tests!


The Simple Modern Summit, our Best Value Choice, is not only inexpensive and simple to clean, but it also comes in a variety of sizes and designs, making it a fantastic option for everyone from infants to teenagers and tweens.

We have discovered the finest kids’ water bottle for some good ol’ H2O on the move, whether you are looking for a stylish choice that kids will adore, a large capacity flask that will last them into their teens, or a super-sturdy alternative that will never leak.

12 ounce Yeti Rambler Jr. Kids Bottle

  • stainless steel as the material
  • 14 oz. capacity
  • yes to dishwasher safety
  • Yeah, BPA is free.

This child-sized Yeti Rambler is fantastic. After more than two years of testing, it still essentially works and looks the same as the day we first got it.


It’s challenging for us to focus on just a few aspects of this bottle that we adore. Excellent insulation is provided. It is strong and resilient and fare well in the dishwasher. Carrying it is made simple by the handle. Every component is simple to clean, both with a bottle brush and in the dishwasher. Finally, even young children may easily replenish with ice thanks to the large mouth hole.

As durable as they come, this water bottle. When this bottle is dropped, the chrome bottom absorbs the majority of the force while also making it simple to slide into cup holders and backpack sleeves. It will always seem brand-new thanks to the powder coating. Also, the bottle features a unique straw design that prevents straws from splitting. This is a significant feature because a split straw makes a bottle worthless until a replacement one arrives in the mail.

The Yeti Rambler carries 14 ounces even though its claimed capacity is just 12 ounces. Even while it might not seem like a significant problem, the additional room makes the Yeti the ideal size for little children to carry and for larger children to drink enough water or, in my child’s case, to have a firm coating of ice.

The Yeti Rambler for kids is a little more expensive than other alternatives, but if your child doesn’t lose it, you won’t ever need to replace it.


  • broad mouth; strong handle
  • Insulation with two walls


  • Nothing that we could locate

12 oz. Insulated Stainless Steel CamelBak eddy+ Kids Bottle

  • stainless steel as the material
  • 14 oz. capacity
  • Safe for dishwashers: BPA-Free: Yes; Negative

The Camelbak Eddy+ keeps beverages cool, the bite valve encourages children to drink more water without feeling sluggish, and the colourful, engaging graphics on the container vessels are a hit with young consumers.

The biting valve needs occasionally be removed and deep cleaned, which wasn’t an impossible process but once inside, we understood that sort of deep cleaning should be a weekly deal. The cap, straw, and bite valve can all be cleaned on the top rack of a dishwasher.

There have been concerns that the bottle’s bite valve tends to leak after removal. That was not our experience after a year of usage, but it may be something to keep in mind.

mint mobile 2


  • Innovative styles Bite-valve spill-proof


  • Dishwasher incompatible
  • challenging to clean bite valve

Water Bottles price

Summit Kids Water Bottle, Straightforward Contemporary, with Straw Lid

  • stainless steel as the material
  • Size: 10 oz. to 18 oz.
  • BPA-free in part and dishwasher safe Yes

Throughout our testing, we have been consistently impressed by Simple Modern’s bottles. They have a huge selection of patterns that appeal to both older and younger children, a fantastic pricing point, and are easier to clean than most of their rivals.

With so many different designs to pick from, including Star Wars and Disney-themed bottles for young children and hip colour ombre bottles for older children with more sophisticated tastes, you can be sure to discover a bottle that will inspire your child to drink more water.

For older children who still need to ride in booster seats, sizes up to 18 ounces fit in a variety of car seat cup holders. These simple-to-clean bottles are available in a broad range of sizes, from 12 ounces to 64 ounces.

The unique leak-proof top component may simply go through the dishwashing cycle for easy sanitising because there are no little parts to deal with. Although the bottles for these aren’t actually dishwasher-safe, we’ve discovered that the top rack works just well. Moreover, the bottle’s straw holder is split-proof.

These water bottles are simple to clean if you decide to go by the manufacturer’s instructions. These are the greatest all-around kids’ water bottle you can get for the money thanks to its wide opening, which makes them simple to fill and clean. They also come in a huge variety of sizes and styles.

During the course of a year, these bottles did get dented and scratched, but that is to be anticipated of any bottle without a bumper or a powder coat. Generally, though, they have endured heavy usage well.


  • Simple to clean spout
  • Several capacity choices
  • Many design possibilities


  • Just hand wash the vessel.

Takeya Insulated Water Bottle for Children, 16 oz., with Straw

  • stainless steel as the material
  • Size: 14 oz. to 40 oz.
  • yes to dishwasher safety
  • Yeah, BPA is free.

This water bottle was our pick to win this year, in our opinion. The lightweight, well-insulated Takeya water bottle for youngsters stands out because to its smart design.

The cap’s gripping silicone rim makes it simple to tighten and loosen with wet hands, and the broad, flexible handle makes it easy to grasp. There is no cross-contamination with your hands because the straw cover is simple to flip with your teeth.

Regrettably, the straw on this bottle cracked at the top after only 10 days of use and needed to be replaced. The straw split once more when we replaced it. This is a frequent complaint on the Takeya website, and replacement straws appear to have a similar effect.

Although this bottle is reasonably priced, the problem is annoying. Nonetheless, the Takeya kids’ water bottle has a lot going for it if you can locate a solid straw that fits.


  • Dishwasher-safe
  • Strong twist-cap
  • massive handle


  • Internal straw is fragile and often breaks

Water Bottles

Wide Mouth Hydro Flask for Kids

  • stainless steel as the material
  • 12 oz and 20 oz in size.
  • yes to dishwasher safety
  • Yeah, BPA is free.

The Hydro Flask was one of the finest water bottles for kids that we tested because it is well-insulated and well-built, and it can withstand several bumps and drops without suffering any damage.

Because of the strategically placed loop handle, it is simple to carry or attach to the back of a backpack. We particularly enjoyed the powder coating, which made it simple to hold onto the bottle even with wet or gooey hands.

This bottle is one of the simplest to clean out of all the ones we tried because it is completely dishwasher safe, has no tiny components, and didn’t spill or leak even when it was upside down for 12 hours. Also, we appreciate that they are available in a variety of sizes for both very little and extremely large children.


  • Lightweight
  • Dishwasher-safe
  • Vacuum double-wall insulation


  • Expensive
  • Silicone sleeves may seem unnecessary.

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