Use Alexa with these 5 ways for the UpKeeping your house.


From showing you who is at the door to throwing your dog a treat when you’re rushing late, Amazon’s smart assistant can do it all. But did you know that Alexa may also be used for cleaning?

You can ask Alexa for assistance with household tasks, that’s correct. Voice assistants like Alexa can help you keep your house clean even if you already have smart appliances like a Wi-Fi-enabled robot vacuum or an app-controlled washer.

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Here are eight ways to use Alexa to assist you in cleaning your house, from setting reminders to researching cleaning tips and purchasing cleaning products.

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1. Use Alexa to set up a cleaning plan.

It goes without saying that when you frequently tidy up, a property stays clean. Moreover, Alexa’s reminders ensure that you never overlook a task. You can establish recurring reminders to keep oneself on track using an Echo device, such as a smart speaker or smart display, or the Alexa app for iOS and Android—all you have to do is ask.

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For instance, you might programme Alexa to remind you to change your HVAC filter periodically, sweep the floors every Saturday morning, or take out the garbage every Monday at 6 p.m. Using Alexa, you can set up one-time or regular reminders and even designate which Echo device should get the alert. The latter is an excellent method to encourage youngsters to do other regular activities like cleaning their rooms every Sunday night without coming off as a nag.

Use Alexa to help you remember outside home care tasks like watering your grass, cleaning your gutters, and arranging an A/C tune-up.

2. Purchase cleaning products

Lacking dish soap? More washing detergent is required. If you allow her, Alexa may act as your personal shopper on Amazon. This function allows you to order products right away, preventing you from forgetting to get them later, in addition to saving you a trip to the grocery shop. Be sure to link your Amazon Prime account information in the Alexa app before you start shopping with Alexa.


By telling Alexa to “add [item name] to my shopping basket,” you may place orders with her. Alexa can provide you popular choices to choose from or inform you about your recent comparable purchases if you don’t specify the specific product name you wish to order. After you have all of your things in your shopping basket, tell Alexa, “I’m ready to check out,” and she will guide you through the process verbally.

Alexa can order individual things without using a list, which is really helpful if you need to place an order right away. To accomplish this, tell Alexa to “order [product name]” and then follow her prompts to complete the transaction.


3. Dust the surfaces.

You may delegate tasks to Alexa, such as vacuuming. Yep, you read it right. If you have a compatible smart robot vacuum like the Eufy RoboVac 30C or iRobot Roomba j7+, Alexa can clean the floors for you.

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You are able to establish and cancel vacuuming routines that start and end at certain times when used with a compatible smart robot vacuum. If you have a robot floor cleaner with integrated smart mapping technology, you can even drill down to the precise room you want vacuumed at a certain time. Hence, if you know there will be guests staying in the guest room, you may delegate the floor cleaning to Alexa while you attend to other matters.

Alexa voice instructions may also be used to operate compatible smart robot vacuums (and robot mops). Amazon’s smart assistant can start/stop, pause/resume, and offer status/location updates for some smart robot vacuums with only a few spoken phrases.

4. Examine your laundry

If you ask Alexa about the state of the current cycle on a washer and dryer that are online, such as the LG TurboWash 360 Smart Wi-Fi Steam Cycle Front-Load Washer, Alexa will provide you with the information. LG also produces a dryer that is Wi-Fi equipped and has the same Alexa voice control features. As you’re rushing through your weekend duties, having a voice check of how much cycle time is remaining is a great useful tool.

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Check out sound detection for Alexa routines if you have a simple washer/dryer set without an internet connection. Here, you may use an Echo speaker like the fourth-generation Echo or smart display like the second-generation Echo Show 5 to listen for beeping equipment and notify you when the cycle is complete. Both push alerts for your phone and Alexa announcements on the Echo devices you want to get them on can do this.

Use Alexa to set up a cleaning plan.

5. Make your indoor air quality cleaner

Cleaning your indoor air is just as important as cleaning the surfaces in your house. You may create an Alexa Routine that automates the air cleaning process using an air purifier, an Alexa-compatible smart plug, and the Amazon Smart Air Quality Monitor.

You design routines on the Amazon Alexa app. Basically, when the monitor notices a decline in the interior air quality, the Routine instructs Alexa to switch on the smart plug (which is hooked into the air purifier). Through the app, you can always check the current state of your home air quality. As your home air quality changes, Amazon’s indoor air quality monitor now supports Alexa Routines for your Alexa-enabled humidifiers, fans, and smart thermostats.

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