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Every time you pay a stylist to wash and blow-dry your hair, if you’re like me, you might notice an unexpected thing: It looks wonderful. It is possible for someone else to create something that is sleek, sparkling, and voluminous with what appears to be no heat damage. But if you have the correct hair styling equipment, you should be able to get a simple, airy look at home.

If you have fine, thick, straight, curly, or any other type of hair, we at Reviewed evaluated a range of hair dryers to discover one that swiftly blow-dries hair and leaves it smooth and sleek, not frizzy or fried-looking.

We ultimately decided that the BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Dryer (sold at Amazon) was the best overall choice because to its simple design and effective heat and speed settings for finishing the task quickly. The drugstore-sold Revlon 1875W Infrared Dryer (available on Amazon) is a value for what it delivers and is our go-to Best Value option since it is portable, reasonably priced, and quickly dries hair. Looking for a Vacuum Cleaner For HardWood Floors, Your Search Is End Here. Read Full News to Know 5 Best Options.

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Dryer with Nano Titanium by BaBylissPro

My hair is naturally wavy-curly, medium in texture, and extends approximately 10 inches below my shoulders. So when I state that the BaBylissPro transformed my unruly, wet hair into dry, styled hair in under 20 minutes, know that it exceeded its own expectations. I used my microfiber towel to soak up extra water from my shower for around ten minutes, until my strands were moist, before trying the dryer. I started drying, circling my head and paying care to my roots, using the medium heat and high power settings.

My roots felt dry to the touch after approximately three minutes, and the length of my hair was semi-damp—perfect for styling. To dry and straighten my hair from roots to ends, I pulled my hair taut with a round brush and put the concentrator nozzle—which all dryers have—onto the barrel. I had thick, straight strands that far beyond my expectations within twenty minutes. (Read: The majority of the dryers on this list couldn’t provide the same outcomes.)

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In addition, I like the tool’s button location and reduced weight (0.9 pounds), which both added to its comfort. The blow dryer was simple to use and put no unnecessary strain on the wrist because the weight was equally distributed across the barrel and handle.

A cool shot button and two switches with three settings each—off, medium, and high for airflow, and low, medium, and high for heat—made up the controls. I could change settings while styling without having to look, but I never pushed the switches by accident.

This product has the capability to quickly dry your hair if that’s what you’re looking for. You’ll be thrilled with BaBylissPro if, like me, you also use a hair dryer to straighten your hair.



  • smooth blowout
  • a comfortable grip
  • Various heat and speed settings


  • Nothing that we could locate

Graphene MX with bioionics

My hopes were surpassed by the excellent dryer, the Bio Ionic. It’s a fantastic option that will suit your needs whether you want to dry your hair fast (without styling it) or take the time to give it a blowout-like appearance.

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The pricing is one area where product falls short of Best Overall BaBylissPro: Despite whatever savings you may find on the Bio Ionic, our top option regularly costs less than this one while providing a finish that is more like to a salon. Now Buy Any of These Foot Massagers to Relax your Feet and Keep it Hygienic.

The dryer includes three heat settings (high, medium, and cool), one cool shot button, and two nozzle attachments to help manage airflow in addition to the two power levels. My favoured setting throughout my testing was medium heat, which was sufficiently hot enough to style my hair. This hair drier will accommodate all sorts of hair thanks to its numerous heat and intensity settings.

  • light in weight
  • strong air current
  • Simple speed and heat controls


  • None that we could locate

1875W Infrared Hair Dryer by Revlon

The Revlon dryer seems like you’re getting what you paid for for a fraction of the cost of the BaBylissPro and other high-end, professional hair dryers, but don’t judge a book by its cover.

Although it is not as powerful as our Best Overall or many other products on this list, the Revlon provides a great blowout in a comparable amount of time with its infrared heat settings. Surprisingly, though, I found that the airflow was more manageable due to its relative weakness. This dryer allowed me to get close to my roots without giving me a bird’s nest hairstyle, unlike other dryers that make my locks fly around and puff up.

With a toggle switch for warm and hot temperatures and another for low and high speeds (with “off” situated in the centre of the toggle), the Revlon’s control panel lies on the back of the handle. These switches are simple to operate, even though I would love the controls to be closer to the handle so I can rest my thumb on the speed for a smoother transition when operating.

This dryer uses ionic technology, which means it balances out the ions that would normally generate static in order to eliminate frizz and add shine. Although I can’t claim they were any better than many other dryers I tested with comparable technology, I was still happy with the smooth outcomes.

In the end, the Revlon 1875W Infrared performs admirably and costs far less than the high-end hair tools on this list.


  • fantastic blowout
  • Simple speed and heat controls
  • light in weight


  • It appears to be inexpensive.

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DevaFuser + DevaCurl Devadryer

The hair dryer from DevaCurl came in near the top of our list because it’s easy to hold and has a small barrel that makes it simple to target particular regions of the hair, including the roots.

Similar to the BaBylissPro, the controls are located where my thumb naturally rests on the inside of the handle, making it simpler to switch between the rising heat and airflow settings while styling. It is easier to use than other top options like the Bio Ionic and Revlon because to this particular characteristic.

Although it performed comparably to our top option in terms of air and heat performance—for comparison, the highest temperature this dryer attained is only 1°F cooler—it did not provide the same smooth results.


  • simple to hold
  • Powerful


  • Heavy

Helios GHD

The GHD Helios, which received a perfect score for its outstanding drying performance, gave our winners a run for their money. After approximately 5 minutes, switching between the medium heat and high power settings, I managed to get my hair from completely wet to damp, albeit not at all styled. I was able to get my hair straight enough to wear outside the house in another fifteen minutes. I was still impressed, though I would like to use a flat iron to touch up a few of the front pieces.

Before using the BaBylissPro, I tested the GHD dryer and was really pleased. The biggest factor that made me hesitate about GHD was how much extra it cost. I can’t dispute that the GHD dryer is an excellent alternative for drying and styling, but ultimately our Best Overall selection delivers a perfect-score performance for a lower price.

As for specifics, similar to the Revlon, this dryer has switches on the back of the handle. One has three power settings—off, low, and high—while the other has three heat settings—low, medium, and high—with a cool shot setting situated directly below the barrel.


  • strong airflow
  • Simple heat and speed controls
  • a comfortable grip


  • Nothing that we could locate

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