“Off-Road Adventures Await: Our Top Picks for 2023’s Best Electric Skateboards”


The RazorX Longboard Electric Skateboard, which has a 125-watt, geared, rear-wheel-drive motor with kick start capability and is manufactured almost entirely of premium 5-ply bamboo, was by far the finest electric skateboard we tested. A portable remote that was included with it also provided an accurate response.

We tested a number of top models to find the best electric skateboard for your active lifestyle. We made sure they had powerful motors that excelled at speeds of seven to 22 mph and products with built-in batteries that get at least six miles of use from a single charge. We also preferred products that came with lengthy warranties, which were often in the range of a year. For more information about the RazorX Longboard Electric Skateboard and the other goods on this list, continue reading.


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Electric skateboard RazorX longboard
Electric Skateboard price

High-quality 5-ply bamboo construction, a kick-to-start, 125-watt, geared, rear-wheel-drive engine, and a superb remote control that makes operating simple.


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  • Made with premium bamboo
  • The remote control is faultless.
  • Motor is started by kicking


  • 90 day warranty; struggles to climb hills at 200 lb or more
  • Although the 125 watt motor is adequate, there are more potent motors listed.

In order to provide a smooth ride, the RazorX Longboard Electric Skateboard is nearly entirely constructed from premium 5-ply bamboo. Coolly, the engine starts with a kick, and the remote control that comes with the skateboard functions wonderfully to provide you easy control over it. The lithium ion battery is rechargeable and offers a range of 10 to 12 miles on a single charge, which we found to be more than enough.

Although most hills can be easily ascended by this model, it can struggle with riders weighing around 200 pounds, which is still well within the range of the 220 pound maximum weight limit. The 125 watt motor’s peak speed of 10 mph is also respectable, but there are more potent motors on this list, and these more potent skateboards are typically far more expensive (and riskier). With these features, this scooter is unquestionably the finest for youngsters.

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Electric skateboard Teamgee H5

Electric skateboard Teamgee H5

Made of strong materials like maplewood and fibreglass, it has a form factor that is less than an inch thick, a peak speed of 22 mph, and is powered by two 380-watt motors for a total of 760 watts of power.


  • Best and fastest for hills
  • 22 mph top speed provided by twin motors
  • Provided remote controls a vibrant LCD display


  • A maximum of 200 pounds
  • 37″ length is about 19 lb and heavier than many goods on the list, therefore it might not be suitable for many customers.

The fastest metric on this list, the Teamgee H5 Electric Skateboard has a maximum speed of 22 mph and can travel 11 miles between charges. It is made of fibreglass and maplewood, has a thin form factor of less than 0.5 inches, and has dual 380 watt motors for a total of 760 watts. This electric skateboard is the ideal for slopes because of the power it offers, and the supplied controller has an easy-to-use LCD screen.

Although the motors are strong, the manufacturer only advises a maximum weight of 200 pounds, which is less than what is suggested for our top pick. Additionally, this board weighs about 19 pounds, which could be annoying to carry around. Instead, have a look at the best hoverboard if you like something a little more portable.

Electric skateboard Swagtron Swagskate NG3

Electric skateboard Swagtron Swagskate NG3

A reasonably priced model with several high-end features, such as sensors that turn off automatically when you step off, 72mm polyurethane wheels, and a slim design.

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  • The most transportable and lightest
  • 22 mph top speed provided by twin motors
  • Top-notch polyurethane wheels


  • A range of 4 to 5 miles and a top speed of about 9 mph are provided.
  • Maximum load of 150 lb 90-day lower side warranty

The Swagtron Swagskate NG3 Electric Skateboard is reasonably priced while still providing a tonne of bells and whistles, such as a collection of sensors that turn the device off automatically when not in use and four excellent polyurethane wheels that perform well on a variety of surface types. We also like the skateboard’s lightweight design, which weighs under eight pounds and makes it portable when not in use.

The motor is sufficient, but it only has a peak speed of about nine miles per hour, which is slower than our top selection, and it can only go four to six miles on a single charge. Furthermore, the suggested upper limit is only 150 pounds, which is on the lighter side. Although not necessarily the best kids motorised electric scooter, this is a good choice.

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