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We all enjoy bread, and we really enjoy it just out of the oven. But, the majority of us settled for the plastic-wrapped bread at the grocery store instead of the freshly prepared loaves from a nearby bakery. The reality is that owing to modern bread machines, baking bread at home—even gluten-free loaves—is simpler than you may imagine.

You know, in my perspective, baking bread at home is something amazing. As my husband was raised in a home where a fresh loaf was baked every day, I realised as soon as I got married that I wanted to become an expert baker. And the reality is that mixing dough and baking are delightful activities. You are aware of every item that goes into your bread, and it also adds a lot of panache to a tea party. Know Here Some of the Best Cooking Thermometers to Know the Right Temperature of your Food.


Although I don’t frequently use a bread maker to create bread, I discovered that doing so actually eliminated the element of guessing. The Breville Custom Loaf BBM800XL, which costs $299.95 on Amazon, was the finest bread maker we tested because it consistently created a loaf with a great shape, a crispy exterior, and a soft, pillowy inside. The machine was also quite simple to use.

Breville BBM800XL Custom Loaf

Breville Custom Loaf emerged as the obvious winner of the testing machines after producing five excellent loaves and a flawlessly malleable pizza dough. This stainless steel appliance wowed with its crisp crust on white and whole wheat bread loaves and its very soft inside in the gluten-free version.

Users may easily manufacture a variety of bread kinds with the nine personalised settings, which makes it simple. Also, I discovered that of all bread makers with a single paddle, the kneading blade appeared to be the most resilient. Even more cleverly, the blade folds before baking so that it won’t become trapped in the bread while it bakes.

NBA Store

Breville BBM800XL Custom Loaf features

The automated fruit and nut dispenser is another great feature for bread lovers. Of course, you may add more mix-ins to this compartment, but it does so at the ideal moment for the components to be dispersed uniformly throughout the dough.

I didn’t even need to read the directions before creating my first loaf due to how easily understandable the LCD display was. Furthermore, I saw that the Breville thoroughly mixed all of the doughs until they were smooth, soft, and elastic. In order to make sure the dough came together into a beautiful ball with other machines, I had to physically scrape the sides.

The outcome of the gluten-free bread is what really sets this machine apart from the competition. The majority of the machines suffered in this area, but the Breville loaf created a crusty surface and a very soft inside, making it almost ideal.

NBA Store

The inconsistent loaf top was this bread maker’s sole significant drawback. Around half of the loaves had uneven tops even though the dough was quite soft and malleable. Although a bumpy top won’t affect flavour, it does affect appearance.

The machine’s size is another drawback. There isn’t much place in my house to store it as I live in a one-bedroom flat with a galley kitchen. You may, however, refrigerate the bread until you need it if you only plan to bake it once or twice each week.


Bloomchic 2
  • simple to use display
  • fantastic crust colour
  • really effective kneading paddle


  • The loaf top may have lumps.
  • Expensive

Expressbake by Oster CKSTBRTW20

The length of time it takes to prepare the dough, prove it (often twice), and bake bread is one of the drawbacks. Just getting fresh bread on the table might take several hours and needs much planning.

This Expressbake is perfect if you lack planning skills or just have little patience. In less than an hour, you can have a freshly baked loaf of bread.


Not to mention, it has a considerably lower price tag and has a viewing glass so you can keep an eye on your baking while it’s being done. This express machine costs less than half as much as some of the other ones we reviewed overall.

Although my Expressbake loaves weren’t the prettiest of the three, they were nonetheless tasty and had a good, crispy exterior and fluffy inside. Expect a spherical, artisan-like loaf from this baker instead of a rectangle-shaped one.

Although I didn’t think much of it myself, it did occur to me that it may be a problem for someone trying to feed a big family. Moreover, this machine lacked a gluten-free setting, so if you’re trying to avoid gluten, you might want to look elsewhere.


  • operates rapidly
  • limited footprint


  • use just instant yeast
  • resulting in a short, uneven loaf.

Breville BBM800XL Custom Loaf

Virtuoso Plus Zojirushi Home Bakery BB-PDC20

Even though it didn’t receive the highest ratings, this device was nonetheless among the most amazing ones we examined. The double kneading blades, which properly combined the ingredients and produced a soft, malleable, and flexible dough, are the best feature.

Overall, of the bread machines tested, this one produced loaves with the most consistent shapes, giving each one a lovely rounded top similar to what we’re used to seeing in the grocery store aisles.

The main drawback of this machine is that before mixing and kneading can start, all the ingredients must first be warmed to the proper temperature in the rest mode. On the one hand, this is a good feature that undoubtedly affects the bread’s ultimate outcomes, but it did take the machine 45 to 60 minutes longer to complete the cycle than the other machines. Hence, if you’re working to a deadline or timeline, you’ll need to prepare ahead even more.


  • Paddles for double-kneading
  • Simple to use


  • more time-consuming than other devices
  • Bulky

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