Enjoy the Flavour Your Favourite Beers Are Brought Home by the In-Built Keg Fridge.


If you enjoy beer, a luxury refrigerator maker is for you. Built-in beverage dispensers from True. You may mount a single or double beer tap on an indoor or outdoor kitchen counter using these beer keg refrigerators.

The Beverage Dispenser is available in stainless steel or overlay panels in variants that are 15 inches and 24 inches wide.


The 15-inch variant is only available as a single tap, but the 24-inch versions are available as either a single or double tap. True claims that the double tap variants can accommodate a tall quarter barrel and a sixth barrel or two sixth barrels, whilst the single tap 24-inch models can accommodate either a short quarter barrel or a tall quarter barrel.Know Here Some of The Best Projectors to have a Feel Like Theatre at your Home, Read Pros and Cons Before Make a Purchase.


Either a tall quarter barrel or a sixth barrel can be stored in the 15-inch variants.

All variants additionally have detachable shelves for use as refrigerators. Also, the business sells freestanding stainless steel versions if you don’t want a built-in model.

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During your next party, the beer taps themselves will be the main attraction, but you can also display the kegs by lighting them with multi-color LEDs, which come in 14 different hues.

Although we were unable to test the beverage dispensers, we can state that they are extremely well made because the doors swing open and shut with ease. The buttons were shockingly difficult to press, but customers would seldom ever use them, so that was my only gripe.


Single tap versions with a 24-inch diameter start at $3,696, while double tap models begin at $4,124. The price of the 15-inch versions begins at $3,374.

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Overall, True’s Beverage Dispensers will turn heads with your kitchen. They may go wonderfully with other built-in custom-paneled appliances as well as stainless steel. The twin tap and airflow technology in these dispensers will delight any beer enthusiast.

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