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Portable projectors, also known as pocket projectors or pico projectors, are compact, lightweight devices that are primarily designed for mobile use, in contrast to regular projectors designed to remain stationary. These can be especially helpful for business travellers who may want a portable projector for presentations while on the road. These may be viewed as a solution for competitive gamers to put up more displays during a competition without having to carry around heavy equipment in their arms. Fundamentally, this is the kind of projector you want if you want to travel with one. Many are battery-operated or include practical features like an HDMI connector, an ambient light, Wi-Fi capability, built-in speakers, and 1080p resolution, but the most crucial factor is the quality of the pictures they produce, not a plethora of other functions. 5 Best T-Mobiles Phones Available in Market 2023.

With the business traveller in mind, we put six of the most well-liked and highly rated portable projectors to the test, diligently assessing their advantages, disadvantages, and quirks. Final results showed that the Anker Nebula Mars II (sold at Amazon) beat out the competition because to its excellent visual quality, long battery life, and user-friendly Android smart platform. Remember that portable projectors are noted for their ease of use and portability; if you’re looking for a display that performs better and is ultra-bright, you should either look at multimedia projectors or the best Televisions under $500.

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AAXA P400 price

Anker II Mars Nebula

The Anker Nebula Mars II, a battery-powered DLP projector (1280 x 720) that combines both hardware and software flexibility, decent image quality, and a pleasant, practical design, is our choice for the finest portable projector overall. The Nebula Mars II delivers the ideal balance of high performance and general flexibility, whether you’re bringing it on a business trip or putting up a private screening at home.

The Mars II is not the lightest projector in our comparison because it weighs about four pounds. Even yet, the Mars II’s modest footprint is minimised by its compact, lunchbox-like form, and transporting it is made simple by the grip on top of the device.

What the Mars II has to provide in terms of networking is as follows:

  • Android 7.1 with HDMI
  • USB Bluetooth
  • Wi-Fi capabilities
  • a 3.5mm audio connection

The 12,500mAh-sized battery in the Mars II is powered via a proprietary wire, which is also used to utilise the device when the battery is dead (you can expect roughly four hours of battery life). While the projector is running, the Mars II’s back-facing ventilation system creates a soft whirling sound, but it is quiet enough to be ignored, especially when the volume is turned up (did I mention that the Mars II’s 10-watt speakers go very, really loud?)

Most importantly, the Mars II delivers excellent performance—at least in the world of tiny projectors. In well-lit environments, you won’t get spectacular results, but screenings in darkened spaces and nighttime viewings will look fantastic since there is enough brightness to make colours pop and prevent shadows from seeming as washed-out as they do on some of the other projectors we’ve tried.

My favourite feature of the Nebula Mars II is its Android 7.1 operating system, which comes pre-installed with well-known streaming apps like Netflix, Youtube, and Amazon Video. All you need to do to start using the Mars II is connect it to a WiFi network. In order to operate the programme remotely, the Mars II also includes a tiny remote control.


Although it isn’t the most economical projector we’ve evaluated, the Anker Nebula Mars II is the only one that looks and feels like it fits in today’s technology environment because of its modern style and Android compatibility.


  • Android OS HD Picture 10-Watt Speakers


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  • Heavy

ZenBeam E1 by Asus

This slim, metallic Asus pocket projector weighs less than a pound, is made of sleek metal, and comes with a thin faux-leather carrying cover. There are also no power wires necessary thanks to the 6,000mAh battery that is included. It’s one of the most portable projectors we’ve examined from a travel perspective.

The Asus ZenBeam E1 has the following connection options:

  • USB 3.5 mm
  • audio jack

Although the ZenBeam E1 isn’t the most flexible gadget, we really like how carefully the design was worked out. The ZenBeam E1 appears to have been designed from top to bottom for travel; the carrying cover even includes a cutout so you can continue charging it while it is tucked away. An HDMI cable was even generously provided by Asus.

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The ZenBeam E1’s mobility and affordable pricing are, however, its strongest features; its performance, on the other hand, is a different story. The ZenBeam E1 really needs a dark space for the picture to pop, but the picture quality isn’t bad and it’s much dimmer than most of its top rivals.

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Even so, we like how portable the ZenBeam E1 is, and professionals who want a straightforward projector for work excursions will value the focus on mobility.


  • Portable


  • low-quality photograph


Whether you want to carry it to your cabin to view movies or your office to show a film at a business conference, this portable yet powerful projector fits conveniently in a backpack. This projector covers 100 inches at 5.25 feet from the wall, making it ideal for confined situations. It gives a crisp, vibrant picture with native full 1080p resolution. You can use this projector for extended periods of time because to its long-lasting LED light source, 39W lithium-ion battery, and two hours of unplugged use. Critics claim that it will operate much brighter when plugged in, however many movies last more than two hours, so most of the time that is a wonderful idea.

The AAXA P400 contains the following:

  • TransFlash and USB-A ports
  • LED lights with a 30,000-hour lifespan and an HDMI port
  • Lithium-ion battery, 39W
  • Tripod mounting choice


  • Long-lasting battery, 100-inch projection, and 1080p native resolution


  • performs best when completely dark.


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