5 Amazing Smart Displays of 2023 Available In Market.


One of the most adaptable and practical smart devices out there is the smart display. Smart displays are a great method to modernise your house since they allow you to make video chats, view videos, and even use it as a digital photo frame. They also allow you to control your smart home devices with Alexa and Google Assistant.

We’ve examined each of the available smart displays, tested out each of its particular characteristics, and assisted you in choosing the ideal model for your setup. Whatever voice assistant you choose may play a big role in determining which is the best for you, as it does with many other smart gadgets. Our top pick for the best smart display is the Alexa-enabled Amazon Echo Show 8 (second generation), which is offered by Amazon for $129.99. The Google Nest Hub Max, which is offered by Best Buy, is the finest smart display for Google Assistant. The other fantastic smart displays in our recommendations, however, are each specifically designed to meet your lifestyle and smart home requirements.

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Home Hub (second-gen)

Echo Show 8 from Amazon (second-gen)

Our top choice is the Echo Show 8 because it has the best balance of value, functionality, and usability—especially if Alexa is your go-to personal assistant.

The 8 doesn’t need to be spectacular to be amazing; it is neither the tiniest nor the largest Echo smart display. For everyday usage with Alexa voice control, the mid-size display occupies exactly the correct amount of space without seeming too huge or too little.


With compatible services like Zoom, Skype, and Alexa Calling, the display features a 13-megapixel camera with smart framing and an 8-inch screen that keeps you in the camera’s field of vision and looks fantastic during video chats. It serves as a home security camera as well (only visible in the Amazon Alexa app). Echo displays can listen for glass breaking, smoke/carbon monoxide alarms, and other home security features when used in conjunction with an Alexa Guard subscription.

The Show 8 may show a variety of information when not in use, including the weather, the most recent news, and smart home shortcuts. Also, it has great entertainment alternatives like Netflix, Amazon Video, Sling TV, Hulu, NBC, and others. But, there is still no native YouTube compatibility, so you are forced to use the Show’s built-in browser, which is an unimpressive experience.

The gadget can also stream music straight from services like Amazon Music, Apple Music, Spotify, iHeartRadio, TuneIn, and iHeartRadio Family, along with karaoke-style lyrics shown on the screen. Also supported are Audible, Apple Podcasts, and Amazon Kids Podcast. Personal results like scheduled meetings, reminders, and more can also be shown.


The Show 8 works to handle hundreds of Alexa-enabled smart home devices like video doorbells, smart thermostats, and smart lights, but smart home fans may be dismayed to learn that it does not serve as a Zigbee smart home hub like the Echo Show 10. The Echo Show 8 is the ideal option for everyone residing in an Amazon Echo smart home as well as those wishing to create a system from scratch. It is a potent, Alexa-enabled smart display that is exactly the right size for usage in your everyday life.


  • excellent communication tool
  • properly centred on security
  • outstanding entertainment choices


  • Not a hub for smart homes

Five Amazon Echo Show (second-gen)

The Echo Show 5 is the smallest smart display offered by Amazon, making it a desirable option for nightstands, workstations, entrance consoles, and other commonplace nooks and crannies in your house.

A 2-megapixel camera is built into the 5.5-inch screen, which is about the size of a big smartphone and has a 960 × 480 resolution. Although we don’t advise using it as your primary method of video chatting with friends and family because the camera is not as good as the bigger Echo Show displays, it will work for the few sporadic Zoom sessions you have scheduled.

The device’s top surface makes it simple to access the volume and privacy settings. You may use it as an inside home security camera and watch the live broadcast from the Amazon Alexa app because it includes a built-in camera. Although the sound on the Show 5 is not as powerful as that on bigger Echo screens, as was to be expected, it still has enough of a punch that it sounds decent even at maximum volume.

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The Show 5 is great for rapidly checking your schedule, the most recent headlines, the weather, and other information. It does a lot while leaving a small environmental imprint. While having the appearance of a repurposed desk clock, it contains useful and enjoyable functions that will keep you company all day.

Read the entirety of our Amazon Echo Show 5 review (second-gen).


  • integrated privacy shutter for cameras
  • outstanding entertainment features
  • Energy-monitoring and sustainable design


  • No native integration of YouTube No audio jack

10 Amazon Echo Show price

Max Google Nest Hub

The most capable and feature-rich solution for your Google Home environment is the Nest Hub Max. The 6.5-megapixel camera on the 10-inch gadget pans and adjusts automatically to keep you in the shot. When using services like Google Duo and Zoom for video conversations, it appears (and sounds) wonderful.

With the Google Home app, it can also be utilised as a Nest interior home security camera. You may enable functions like Familiar Face identification and smart notifications when persons or movements are detected with a premium Nest Aware plan. The Hub Max can hear events like dogs barking and smoke or carbon monoxide alarms thanks to the premium plan.

A Google smart display will provide you with the finest experience if YouTube is your main source of video viewing because it includes native YouTube integration. Moreover, there are additional streaming options including Netflix, Hulu, Disney+, YouTube TV, Sling TV, HBO Max, and others. In order to stream content to your TV, it also supports Chromecast.

Moreover, the Hub Max supports Google Podcasts, Apple Music, Spotify, YouTube Music, Pandora, Deezer, and iHeartRadio.

While not in use, the lock screen may display a number of built-in Picture Frames, including Google’s (really cute) weather frog, clock faces, and images from your Google Photos account that function as a digital photo frame.

Another noteworthy feature is Quick Gestures, which allows you to pause/start movies simply lifting your hand to the side of your face while facing the camera. Face Match technology is another feature of Google’s smart display, allowing it to distinguish between up to six individuals and show personalised content. Once engaged, you may access material that is specifically tailored to you, such as your commute hours and forthcoming activities from your calendar.

Several smart home appliances, such as Nest video doorbells and security cameras, are compatible with Google Assistant, and the Hub Max lets you monitor the live feed of these devices. The Nest Hub Max is the best option if you require a single device to control your Google smart home, conduct video chats, and access a wide range of well-known streaming services.


  • Using Google Assistant
  • fantastic streaming choices
  • large, bright screen


  • There is no actual shutter on the camera.

Home Hub (second-gen)

The second-generation Google Nest Hub is one of the few smart screens without a camera. It isn’t inherently a negative thing if having one built-in makes you feel uncomfortable, but it was placed lower on our list for that reason. It makes up for its lack of video chatting capabilities, however, with other cool features including sensor-based sleep technology that monitors your nightly sleeping patterns.

Three far-field microphones and a 7-inch monitor with a resolution of 1024 x 600 pixels are included. Like the Nest Audio smart speaker, it boasts a quicker machine learning chip than the bigger Hub Max, which enables Google Assistant to understand your most frequent queries and reply to them more quickly than ever before.

The second-generation Nest Hub is compatible with well-known streaming services for music and video, including Spotify, Apple Music, Disney+, Hulu, Sling, and YouTube TV.

Depending on how frequently you video chat with loved ones, you may or may not need this display. Nonetheless, the Nest Hub (second generation) is surprisingly sophisticated and packed with functions for its size. The smaller Nest Hub is a more economical alternative to the bigger Hub Max if you don’t mind giving up the camera.


  • modern style
  • outstanding for entertainment
  • Simple to use


  • For single people, Sleep Sensing works best.

Max Google Nest Hub price

10 Amazon Echo Show

The powerful 13-megapixel motion-tracking camera on the Echo Show 10 will follow you around the kitchen as you prepare meals, conduct video chats, and more. By supporting Zigbee devices only, it does away with the requirement for a separate hub. The Show 10 is made specifically for making video conversations on a smart display, but it loses points for its excessively big size and range of motion.

The rotation is silent and the camera is sensitive while it is monitoring you. It excels in the privacy sector because to the built-in sliding privacy shutter, which makes sure you can’t be seen when you don’t want to be.

Given that it can manage all of your Alexa-compatible smart home appliances, it’s a fantastic smart display for Amazon Echo ecosystems. The Amazon Alexa app may be used to access the Show 10’s indoor security camera.

But, we do have a few minor complaints. Despite the display’s ability to recognise motion, the screen occasionally becomes confused when several individuals enter the frame and does not automatically tilt up and down. The Show 10 provides one of the greatest video calling experiences available while also providing a dependable method to control your Alexa devices, especially when you take into account its large, gorgeous screen and motion-tracking abilities from side to side.


  • Built-in camera cover
  • full Alexa functionality
  • touchscreen that rotates


  • It can be awkward to move.
  • not a screen tilting machine

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