5 Amazing Portable Bluetooth Speakers in 2024


Portable Bluetooth speakers have fast become a common household item if you need a way to crank up the jams while you’re on the road. These speakers are tiny enough to fit in a suitcase or backpack (or even attach to a belt or shower rod), but large enough to provide amazing sound. Even on Amazon alone, there are hundreds of portable Bluetooth speakers, making it nearly hard to sort through them all.

Fortunately for you, we have already completed much of the job. While we didn’t exactly test all 40,000 of Amazon’s Bluetooth speakers, we did dance with a few of little music producers. In addition to being many and really wonderful, portable Bluetooth speakers are also widely available at reasonable prices.

mint_mobile July'23

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XSound Go Tribit

XSound Go Tribit

The Tribit XSound Go differs significantly from the typical portable Bluetooth speaker in terms of quality. The XSound Go isn’t the largest or loudest choice in the selection, but given that there is a more advanced “MaxSound Go,” you can usually get it on cheap.

NBA Store

The XSound Go is still worth looking at despite its age. The metal chassis gives it a very solid feeling despite its small size. The top row of buttons has straightforward, well-labeled buttons. While there is a large “play” (pause) button, unlike other Bluetooth speakers, you cannot skip music using the volume controls. The XSound Go has a braided wrist strap and feels nice to the touch, but our testing revealed that you shouldn’t be too rough with it.

In terms of sound, the Go has decent power considering its small size, although you kind of have to turn it up a lot. Because of its sturdy construction, it won’t readily shake or distort, but because it only articulates sound in one direction, it’s probably better suited for a stationary activity than than hanging off a bike on a trail ride. With IPX7 water resistance, it can withstand the weather as well as a quick dip in the sink or swimming pool. It comes in two colours: a deeper blue and a standard black.


mint_mobile July'23
  • dependable metal chassis
  • Easily operated buttons


  • minimally loud
  • Purchase now at Amazon

Angle 3 of OontZ

Angle 3 of OontZ

You may choose this straightforward, foldable triangular speaker, which is the third version of the “Angle” Bluetooth speaker, in a variety of hues (black, blue, red, white, and even “Coca-Cola”). It has a clean, basic design with materials that avoid the “very cheap” sense that many Bluetooth speakers in this price range have, just like the other Angle speakers (including the smaller Angle solo).

The most important thing to realise about Angle speakers is that they are fundamentally focused on sound output, nearly regardless of which model you choose to purchase. The Angles are notably directional, unlike the majority of the portable Bluetooth speakers we tested, which mostly emit sound in one direction. They are therefore effective at limiting sound to a certain region but ineffective when you want the sound to spread widely.

Bloomchic 2

In light of this, the Angle 3 is excellent for desktop use and has decent audio quality as well. At the lower and middle frequencies of the frequency spectrum, the downward-firing bass speaker delivers good warmth. There are, however, better poolside choices available, despite the fact that it has an IPX5 water-resistance certification and is suitable for heavy rain.


  • minimalistic triangle pattern
  • available in a range of hues
  • Warm, resonant sound


  • a weak sense of orientation

Soundcore by Anker

Angle 3 of OontZ price

If you’re just looking for something straightforward and dependable, there aren’t many reasons not to choose the Anker SoundCore. This inexpensive device, one of the most well-liked Bluetooth speakers ever, may not have any overt oddities, gimmicks, or notable features, but it checks off all the essential boxes for a price that’s difficult to disagree with.

The original SoundCore, which is available in black, blue, and red, features a 24-hour battery life, a solid rectangular shape, and large, easy-to-press buttons (although they can be a bit difficult to distinguish because they are the same colour as the rest of the chassis). The sound quality is strong, with enough of volume and a noticeable bass and treble presence.

The original SoundCore offers a 3.5mm jack input and USB charging, just as the SoundCore 2. But, unlike the improved SoundCore 2, the ports are exposed, which might be a concern. This may or may not be a significant concern, depending on how you want to use the speaker. The speaker is still rated for IPX5 water resistant, meaning it can withstand a wet afternoon outside. But, you might want to look for one that is a bit more well-sealed if you want to take your portable speaker on a lot of dusty excursions or you believe it could fall into the pool.


  • battery life of 24 hours
  • both high-quality and loud audio
  • big, simple-to-press buttons


  • perhaps more impact-resistant
  • Purchase now at Amazon

3 JBL Clip

Soundcore by Anker

Although JBL’s “Clip” brand of portable Bluetooth speakers undoubtedly deviates from the norm in comparison to other Bluetooth speakers, they have remained popular for a reason. Because it has a tiny half carabiner clip, the tiny Clip 3 may be hung from many different objects, such as belt loops, bike handlebars, shower rods, and more.

The Clip 3 offers a really large sound for a little speaker. It fills space and plays back clearly and without distortion even when it’s lying on its backside with the drivers pointed upward, which isn’t the best position. As a result, if you’re looking for raw power, you might want to consider upgrading to the JBL Clip 4 or one of our other selections because the maximum volume isn’t very high and there isn’t much bass.

Nonetheless, the Clip 3 is excellent for the price. It produces more sound than you may anticipate at its maximum level, making it ideal for listening to podcasts in the car or while in the shower. Also, it comes in a staggering array of colours, which is just plain entertaining. The IPX7-rated Clip 3 is a good choice if you require a small, convenient waterproof speaker.


  • Unexpectedly loud sound
  • Clip for quick, practical hanging
  • without distortion


  • If sound is clipped onto anything, it is directed upward.

Soundcore 2 by Anker

3 JBL Clip

The SoundCore 2 portable speaker from Anker is our favourite budget-friendly alternative since it is uncomplicated, functional, and basic. It has a solid rectangular shape with large, simple-to-push buttons and a pair of ports for USB charging and a 3.5 input that are both well sealed.

The SoundCore 2’s sonic quality caught our attention right away. It has greater bass presence and less tinniness in its treble than many other tiny, lightweight, portable Bluetooth speakers. It’s a pretty obvious value option among portable speakers due to the low price and the large selection of colours. It doesn’t get very loud, but it does reach a volume that most people would likely require, and it does it without any distortion.

Last but not least, the Anker SoundCore 2 features an IPX7 water-resistance rating, which means it can withstand exposure to up to one metre of water for 30 minutes while remaining unaffected—exactly what you need in this situation.


  • straightforward setup
  • extremely transportable
  • insanely long battery life


  • not particularly loud

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