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An excellent approach to keep your possessions organised and make the most of your available space is with a lazy Susan or turntable. Lazy Susans are frequently circular and allow you to easily access your spices, munchies, or home cleaning items while rotating 360 degrees.

This provides simple access to objects in the back of a kitchen cabinet. You don’t have to stand up to reach far-off objects when you use it on a dining table or countertop.

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There are many different varieties of lazy Susans available. A single-level circle with a diameter of between 10 and 18 inches is the most typical. Some of these have a non-skid covering, while others may or may not have rails to keep your stuff in place.

The practical two-tier turntable is another popular design; it’s frequently used to store spices in cabinets. When making a decision, take into account the available space and the specific items you plan to put on it.

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Spice Spinner by Allstar Innovations

Kitchen organiser turntable from Tomoaza

Spice shakers and tiny jars are prone to becoming misplaced and forgotten in deep drawers. This spice organiser aims to find a solution to that issue. The double rack maximises the available space and makes it possible to reach up to 40 spices, even when they are piled. You have considerable freedom regarding what may be kept on the bottom shelf thanks to the movable top.

Tall things that won’t fit on the bottom can be stored on the unit’s central turntable. The necessary spice is never more than half a turn away because both parts spin independently and in any direction.

This two-layer turntable is obviously not only for spices and condiments. Each cabinet in your house, including those in the restroom, laundry room, and even the refrigerator, may have its storage space improved.

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  • for greatest storage, use two layers
  • For convenience, there are two rotating directions.
  • centre tall container storage


  • plastic architecture

Lipper International 18-inch Acacia Wood Lazy Susan

Lipper International 18-inch Acacia Wood Lazy Susan

For any dining table or kitchen counter, the Lipper International 18-inch lazy Susan turntable is a lovely, useful centrepiece. There is plenty of place for fixings and condiments thanks to the big diameter, and it can be turned easily and smoothly from any direction. The smooth finish makes the lovely, high-contrast acacia wood design stand out.

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However, the acacia is not simply lovely. This turntable will withstand all the trauma that comes with normal, everyday use since the wood is highly durable. The Lipper International 18-inch lazy Susan will eliminate the need for uncomfortable arm strain while reaching across the table.


  • massive size
  • long-lasting design
  • simple to clean


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  • Several clients complain about bearing issues.

Crazy Susan Turntable by YouCopia

Crazy Susan Turntable by YouCopia price

For pantry organising needs, the Youcopia Crazy Susan organiser is ideal. To keep various initiatives organised and segregated, it is divided into three divisions.

It is simple to view everything that is in each compartment thanks to the translucent plastic edges. Hence, you never need to be concerned about losing something at the bottom. And it’s simple to transfer this lazy Susan from place to place as you require the contents thanks to the handy handles.

This lazy Susan can help you stay organised on your desk whether you’re keeping snacks, spices, or pencils.


  • Three compartments split for organising
  • convenient handles for transporting
  • Sides of clear plastic


  • Not very durable

Kitchen organiser turntable from Tomoaza

Crazy Susan Turntable by YouCopia

The 12.5-inch-diameter lazy Susan organiser by Tomoaza is made to hold condiments, spices, baking ingredients, and other kitchen materials. Each lazy Susan is different because its body is constructed from strips of a wide range of hardwoods. To keep the contents on the board while spinning, a steel rail with a gold-colored finish surrounds the entire thing.

This is the ideal method for organising craft areas or kitchens since it makes sure that all of your tiny objects are close at hand. It will keep everything within reach whether you use it to arrange your wardrobe, store spices, or set the table.


  • fashionable striped pattern
  • Metal rail Effortless performance


  • For some purposes, small

Lazy Susan organiser by RamPro

Kitchen organiser turntable from Tomoaza price

A 10-inch-diameter organiser called the RamPro has a non-skid surface to keep all of your possessions in place. This multifunctional turntable can support up to 65 pounds of weight. It’s wonderful for storing spices, but because of its weight restriction, it may also hold bulkier objects like houseplants or laptop accessories.

This lazy Susan operates smoothly even when completely filled thanks to its two internal moving rings and steel ball bearings construction. This premium turntable combines easy accessibility with robust construction.


  • a non-skid surface
  • Up to 65 lbs. capacity Sturdy construction


  • Several consumers have worries about durability.

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