Best Mint Mobile Deals and Plans for October 2023


The best Mint Mobile deals are listed below, whether you’re a new customer or have been a customer for years.

Momentarily, Mint Mobile is focusing a lot on its package and new customer offers. The company, which is owned by T-Mobile, offers a $15-a-month deal for the first three months on any of their data plans, even the Unlimited plan.


As part of the package deal, Mint Mobile will give you $200 off And an extra six months of wireless service for free when you buy a new smartphone like the Google Pixel 7 Pro and six months of wireless service.

According to our study of Mint Mobile, the prepaid carrier uses T-Mobile’s 5G and 4G LTE networks to offer great coverage at an even lower price. Going prepaid with an MVNO provider used to mean giving up a lot of your plan options, but not anymore. Options for Mint Mobile plans include 5GB, 15GB, 20GB, or even unlimited data, based on how much you use your phone. All plans also include unlimited talk and text.

Phone Deals

1. Google Pixel 7: Get $200 off, plus six months of FREE wireless

Google Pixel 7

The Pixel 7 price above is also good for the Pixel 7. If you buy it at Mint Mobile, you can get $200 off and free wireless service for six months. By breaking it down into monthly payments, you can get a great phone and internet service for a whole year for just $41 a month.


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2. Google Pixel 7 Pro: Get $200 off, plus six months of FREE wireless
Google Pixel 7 Pro

Purchase the Pixel 7 Pro and any six-month Mint Mobile plan together, and the company will give you a $200 savings and an extra six months of service for free. If you choose the 5GB plan, you could get our top-rated Android phone AND Mint Mobile wifi for a whole year for as little as $66 a month.

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3. Samsung Galaxy S23 128GB: Get six months of wireless service for free

Samsung Galaxy S23 128GB

Mint Mobile will still give you six months of free wireless service when you buy a Galaxy S23 and any six-month data plan at the same time.

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Mint Mobile Plans

Plans that start at just $15 a month for three months make it harder to see why you should pay hundreds of dollars for phone service. Mint Mobile has a number of different introductory plans for new users, depending on how much data they think they will use each month.

mint_mobile July'23

Mint Mobile also has a plan called “Unlimited” that lets you talk, text, and use the internet as much as you want. You can send and receive up to 40GB of high-speed data, but after that, the fastest speed will be 128kbps. Also, you can only watch at 480p, and each month you can only use 10GB of hotspot data.

The base plan costs $45 for three months and gives you 5GB of data each month. You can get an extra 15GB per month for $60, or 20GB per month for $75 for three months. While the first few months are free, the monthly fee does go up by a few dollars, but Mint Mobile’s deals are still hard to beat.

Mint Mobile also has six-month and one-year plans for people who want to pay ahead of time for longer amounts of time. For just $360, you can get a year of Mint Mobile service with unlimited talk, text, and internet. That’s only $30 a month for service, which is probably a lot less than what you pay now.

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Service Deals

1. Mint 55+ Seniors Discount: Unlimited talk and text plus full-service activation for $15/month

Mint Mobile will give you 5GB of 5G/4G LTE data every month and unlimited talk and text for $15 a month, or $45 for three months. You must be over 55 to get this deal.

You can get free help from MINTech advisors when you sign up for this Mint 55+ deal. They will help you set up your device, cancel your old service, and move your phone number.

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2. Refer friends and get a free year of wireless service

Mint Mobile also gives rewards to people who tell others about their service. They have an offer called “Refer A Friend” that lets you get up to $90 in credit if you get a friend to sign up for the service.

You only need to send them the reference link that was given to you. Your friend will get $45 if they choose the 5GB/month plan. You’ll get $60 if they pick the 15GB/month plan. Mint will give you $75 if you refer someone to a 20GB/month plan, and $90 if you refer someone to an Unlimited plan. You don’t have to do anything to save money; these credits will be applied immediately when you renew your service.

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3. Mint Mobile 7-Day Free Trial

Mint offers a free 7-day trial, which is a great way to try out the service without any risk or trouble if you’re interested but not ready to commit. The trial can be used along with your current service without any problems. At the end of the week, you can either stop or start a plan.

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4. New Customer Offer: All plans are $15 per month

That’s not a mistake. All of Mint Mobile’s three-month plans will be only $15 a month for new users for a short time. That means you could get the most expensive plan, Unlimited, which only gives you 40GB of data, for $45 for three months. “Deflation Offer” is what they call it, and it’s only good until the end of July, so hurry!

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Mint Mobile continues to be a popular choice for individuals and families seeking cost-effective mobile plans in October 2023. Mint Mobile operates as a mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) on T-Mobile’s network, offering a range of prepaid plans to suit different data needs and budget preferences. While the specific deals and plans for October 2023 may vary


Q1. What are the best Mint Mobile deals for October 2023?

Mint Mobile takes advantage of T-Mobile’s network to offer economical cellphone service. The company offers prepaid data plans with different lengths.

Q2. What is Mint Mobile, and how does it work?

Mint Mobile, a T-Mobile-powered MVNO, offers cheap cellphone service. It offers prepaid data plans with different lengths.

Q3. Can I bring my own device to Mint Mobile?

Yes, Mint Mobile accepts unlocked GSM phones. Make sure your phone works with T-Mobile to use Mint Mobile.

Q4. What is Mint Mobile’s 5G coverage like in 2023?

Mint Mobile uses T-Mobile’s 5G network, which is increasing. Many locations should have 5G by 2023.

Q5. How do I switch to Mint Mobile from my current carrier?

To switch to Mint Mobile, order a SIM card, activate it online, and choose a plan. Transfer your number and contacts as instructed.

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