5 The Best Portable Blender For You Available In Market 2023.


With a portable blender in your bag or backpack, you can make smoothies or protein shakes anywhere you are—at the gym, the office, a picnic location, or wherever else—as long as it is charged and there is an electrical outlet nearby.

You may purchase one of these cordless marvels for as little as the cost of a pizza or as much as a typical tabletop blender. To see if spending more money results in a smoother drink, we tested nine models at various price points.

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The Cuisinart Evolution X Cordless Blender, our best portable blender, swiftly and simply turns anything from a straightforward fruit and yoghurt smoothie to a pia colada—made with full-size ice cubes—into thick yet drinking beverages. It is available at Amazon for $79.95.

The BlendJet 2 (available at BlendJet) is our Best Value selection if you’re trying to save money because it’s small, reasonably priced, and powerful enough to crush full-sized ice cubes.

If you’re searching for a larger portable blender with the capacity to prepare smoothies for all the kids at a camping or pia coladas for four at a tailgate party, the BlendJet also includes optional 20- and 32-ounce jars that are a wonderful value.

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Portable Blender from PopBabies

EvolutionX RPB-100 by Cuisinart

Compared to the other blenders we evaluated, the Cuisinart Evolution X Cordless Compact Blender is more substantial and costlier. It has slick packaging that presents it as a high-end item. It has the expected strength. Everything from a straightforward fruit and yoghurt smoothie to a pia colada created with full-size ice cubes was swiftly and simply blended into thick, smooth drinks that were free of ice or fruit chunks.

The Evolution X does not have a timed cycle, in contrast to the others we tried. You must eyeball the combination to determine when to stop the blender because once it is turned on, it continues to run until you turn it off. By turning the blender on and off, you can pulse it while making guacamole or chopping walnuts.

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To enjoy your drink on the go without feeling like you’re sipping out of a blender jar, remove the jar from the base after you’ve finished blending and swap the blending blade with a non-spill travel lid.

Without losing power, the Evolution X can blend for 22 minutes. You can prepare a lot of smoothies or daiquiris on a single charge because it takes around a minute to whirl one drink. This type would be more appropriate for usage in the backyard or at a tailgate party than following a spin class or while on a hike because it weighs around 2 12 pounds and is over 13 inches high.

With the exception of the base, all of the pieces can be put on the top rack of the dishwasher. A charger and a comprehensive guidebook with simple-to-follow directions and a number of mouthwatering recipes are also included.


  • grinds nuts and ice
  • includes a travel lid
  • long-lasting charge retention
  • Components are top-rack dishwasher safe


  • more rounded than some models
  • There is no set run time.

Portable Blender from PopBabies

It is a good idea to have a backup plan in place in case the backup plan fails. You also receive an ice cube maker and an ice tray. When we utilised these cubes with frozen fruit cut into small bits, it formed a thick, frosty smoothie and drink; it also smashed the almonds in our protein shake into smithereens.

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Even though the blade is still in the bottom of the jar after blending, the jar detaches from the base so you don’t feel like you’re drinking from a blender. There is an easy-to-grasp handle on top of the lid. According to our tests, it can operate without recharging for around 10 minutes, which should be sufficient to blend at least 10 smoothies.

The jar’s mouth is small, making it easy to drink from yet challenging to fill. A funnel is included to assist you add items like protein powder. The jar has measures in both millilitres and ounces that are very clearly marked. With the exception of the base, all the parts are safe to put in the dishwasher. PopBabies is available in a range of hues.


  • Drinkable from jar without bottom blade
  • Drinking is comfortable with a small mouth.
  • includes a tiny ice cube tray and a funnel.
  • Dishwasher safe parts


  • Full-size ice cubes cannot be used.
  • Hard to fill bottle due to narrow opening

FusionJet 2

The BlendJet 2 is a compact, low-cost appliance with a surprisingly exquisite design. It is available in 26 various colours and patterns, ranging from basic black to colourful tie-dye. But what distinguishes it as a top choice is its exceptional blending performance even when the recipe calls for whole nuts and large ice cubes.

It was powerful enough to generate a vortex and properly mix the ingredients, and we rarely noticed that nuts or banana chunks were caught beneath the blade.

The BlendJet 2 runs for 20 seconds after you press the button to start it. You start it up for another cycle so that the mixing can continue. By swiftly pressing the control twice, you may also pulse the ingredients, which is a useful feature if you’re creating salsa or cutting herbs without pureeing them.

The BlendJet can maintain a charge for 6 minutes, according to our laboratory results. It is somewhat less than other models we tested, though it should be more than enough to make at least 6 drinks without needing to recharge.

You may need to squint a little to read the measurement markings on the jar, which are in both ounces and millilitres but don’t contrast with the jar. After your smoothie has been blended, take off the top and start drinking.

To avoid the blade accidentally rotating while you’re drinking, you may (and should!) lock it. It is simple to carry about thanks to a strap handle on the lid.

Moreover, BlendJet offers 20- and 32-ounce jars that screw into the base to increase the capacity of the blender and enable you to serve margaritas to a crowd. Each component needs to be washed by hand. You can find a wide selection of delicious recipes on the business website.


  • Compact breaks down nuts and ice.
  • Lock and pulse modes
  • Available are larger jars.


  • Nothing is dishwasher-safe.
  • Runtime that is less than excess on a single charge

EvolutionX RPB-100 by Cuisinart

Blender, Otpeir Fresh Juice Personal Size

The Fresh Juice Personal Blender is a viable option if portability is one of your main objectives. In our tests, it successfully processed ice, nuts, and frozen fruits, producing thick, smooth drinks with no bits left behind.

Unfortunately, due to the jar’s tight mouth, we had to chop up fruit and break ice cubes in order to fit them inside. If you want, you can pour your smoothie into a glass once it has been blended.

Although we liked the loop handle and beautiful design of the Fresh Juice, we were let down by how simple it was to operate. While the jar’s tight aperture made it simple to drink from, it was challenging to fill, particularly with protein powder and leafy greens. Moreover, the jar is unmeasured.

The manual’s print is small and challenging to read. Because of the way the jar slips over the base, this blender makes a little more mess than others when you wash all the pieces by hand.

The device has a cord with a magnetic charging base, making charging highly handy when you have a spot to set the base down but somewhat inconvenient in the car. This also means you can’t use a standard USB cable to charge the device. There are four colour options for the jar lid and blender base: black, white, pink, and yellow.


  • Small-scale ice, frozen fruit, and nut pulverisation
  • Drinking is comfortable with a small mouth.


  • minimal capacity
  • Hard to fill bottle due to narrow opening; no dishwasher-safe parts
  • a challenging owner’s manual

BlenderX Portable Cordless Blender

The pinnacle of handheld blenders is Blender X. It is by far the largest and heaviest, as well as the most expensive. Making slushies or frozen mojitos to share is definitely possible because it has the largest capacity. Although it has considerable strength to smash ice and combine nuts, we occasionally discovered a few tiny bits that remained untreated.

The jar had to be positioned in an exact location before being spun, and it frequently required several tries to get it right. We also found it difficult to screw the blending blade onto the jar and position the jar on the base. Just push the button as long as you want to continue blending to run the Blender X. Even though mixing a drink only takes a few seconds, keeping your finger on the switch the entire time can get boring. If you want to pulse when preparing something like pesto that you don’t want to have a completely smooth texture, it does provide you a lot of control. This model was the noisiest one we tested in the lab.

After blending, you take the lid off with the blade and put a drinking lid in its place for a satisfying sip. When the machine is not in use, a dome-shaped lid is provided to cover the blade and shield you from unintentional cuts. The dishwasher can only handle the travel and blade lids, which is a minimal convenience. This blender has its own charger, and a USB cable cannot be used in its place. Its utility while travelling may be limited because you must plug it into an outlet when the power gets low. You receive a hefty vinyl carrying case with the Blender X.


  • large capacity grinds nuts and ice
  • includes a storage bag and sipping lid.


  • Pricey
  • difficult to place jar on base
  • Must keep button depressed throughout running time.
  • Noisy
  • Purchase now at Amazon

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