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If there isn’t a fantastic outdoor barbecue nearby and you have a want for a grilled steak, you can consider using an inside grill. These countertop cookware options can either have covers that push down on a burger or a chicken breast to cook both sides simultaneously, or they can have large, open grates similar to outdoor grills. The latter, also known as contact grills, were made famous for healthy cooking by the George Foreman Grill in the middle of the 1990s and are excellent for preparing crispy, grilled cheese sandwiches that rival those seen in restaurants.

The finest of both will grill burgers and provide summery-tasting meat. While a pan and a stove, which you already own, may produce a decent hamburger or sirloin with rich browning and crusting, you’ll value the versatility of an electric grill.

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The Cuisinart Griddler Deluxe, which costs $154.95 on Amazon, is the finest electric grill we tested. It has a tonne of options and may be used as a griddle, an open grill, or even a contact grill.

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Cooking grill from Hamilton Beach with window

Griddler Deluxe by Cuisinart

The Cuisinart Griddler Deluxe is big and expensive, but it gives you a lot of cooking possibilities for your money. When you wish to expand the number of burgers you can cook at once from six to twelve, the two sides of the grill may be utilised as a closed grill as well as two separate surfaces.


The reversible plates have a flat surface on one side and a grill design on the other. The Griddler Deluxe transforms into a griddle when both sides are opened and the flat top is in place, however there is a gap between the two parts that reduces the amount of pancakes you can cook at once. Overall though, this is a really adaptable product.

Quick and uniform browning occurs on the Griddler. Paninis and chicken breasts, which required longer cooking times, turned up crispy and beautifully grilled. Burgers were cooked to perfection using the high heat sear option.

This Cuisinart also offers a number of unique features. Each plate has a temperature setting option, which is particularly useful while the plate is open. On one side, fry the bacon until it is medium-rare while scrambling the eggs on the other.

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The knobs flash red during preheating and turn green when the desired temperature is attained. You can regulate the space between the two plates using a clever lever on the side of the appliance, but not so tightly that your burgers get crushed or your grilled cheese melts all the way through. The plates can be cleaned in the dishwasher and are very simple to snap in and out of. A drip tray is located in the grill’s rear and glides into position. The instruction is informative, and it also includes recipes that you’ll really want to cook.


  • fast and evenly browns
  • several unique traits
  • Reversible grills with quick-attaching grates


temu 200x200
  • Large
  • Expensive

The Perfect Press by Breville

With no temperature control options, the Breville the Perfect Press is compact, gorgeous, and simple to use. It’s a good idea to have a backup plan in case you need to replace your computer.

The flat surface of the plates prevents grill marks from appearing, and you cannot remove them for cleaning. If you’re a cleaning enthusiast, it could upset you that you can’t rinse them under running water, but they wipe clean easily, and taking the plates out and putting them back in is one less thing to worry about.

The Breville “crush control” function, which is meant to prevent you from pressing down too hard on sandwiches, is my biggest pet peeve. It was unable to adjust to rest properly on a thick panini, which caused the paninis I produced to not brown evenly. When not in use, the device may stand upright thanks to the plates locking together, and there is cable storage in the bottom, making this product convenient to store.

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  • It is simple to use.
  • simple to store


  • It’s challenging to uniformly brown paninis.

Cooking grill from Hamilton Beach with window

If you insist on using an open grill, the Hamilton Beach Searing Grill with Lid Window, which has enough space to accommodate six hamburgers at once, is our top recommendation. Deep grill marks on the fish, poultry, and hamburgers were very similar to those on an outside grill.

The lid does not exert pressure on the food; rather, it aids in retaining heat to somewhat speed up cooking while also containing smoke and cooking aromas. The top can be removed for hand washing, and the grill grate and drip pan are dishwasher-safe.


  • Food resembles what is cooked outside
  • time for quick cooking
  • has good odour and smoke containment.


  • Nothing that we could locate

Griddler Deluxe by Cuisinart

Cooking Aid Griddler 5

The Cuisinart Griddle Five is attractive and functional, much like the Griddler Deluxe. It also features both grill and griddle surfaces and may be used in an open or closed configuration. It is smaller than the Deluxe and can only accommodate four patties openly or eight when it is closed. When it came to chicken and salmon, which turned out to be bronzed, we thought it truly shined.

This grill contains a timer that may count down or up, an LCD screen that displays the temperature control options, and LED bars that show you how well the grill is preheating. Nevertheless, there are enough options on the knob that it might be confusing to manage the operations on the display by rotating and pushing it. It required some trial and error for us to place the drip pan so that it glides into the grill.

The fact that the edges of this model’s handle grow fairly hot at higher temperatures and longer cooking periods prevents us from totally endorsing it. That wasn’t hot enough to burn us, but it did raise some questions.


  • Unattached plates
  • Closing lid
  • simple to clean


  • fails to lay flat
  • Unreliable heating

Grill Zojirushi Indoor Electric

Although this grill will finally provide stunning results, you do need to flip things over and exercise a little patience. In our experiments, grilling fish took 20 minutes, whereas six hamburgers were ready in 10 minutes. Although it might not seem like much time, most closed grills require more than double that amount of time.

Despite the absence of a cover, there wasn’t much smoke when we were cooking. The Zojirushi model is substantial and will occupy a lot of room on the countertop, in the dishwasher, and in a cupboard or closet if you intend to store it away between usage.


  • fantastic cooking outcomes


  • a large cooking time

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